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Scribe - Teacher-Author - Professor - Light  Bearer - Scholar in the Living Word - Friend

Roy Richmond is President and founder of Tree of Life Fellowship and Tree of Life Ministries International, Inc. He ministers around the world by way of the World Wide Web, Facebook, YouTube, and serves as a Professor at Roy has earned a Doctorate Degree in Theology; Master of Arts Theology; Master of Arts Biblical Studies and Master of Arts Biblical Counseling. He is a Scholar of the Living Word. He has traveled abroad and across the United States ministering with a “clear sounding” Word. Father has equipped Dr. Roy a Scribe to the nations. His web page is filled with many books that are offered for those who hunger and thirst after the Truths Jesus revealed, which is commonly titled, “The Gospel.” He is an Apostle/Mentor to many fellowships of the Community of Believers. The mandate and anointing on Pastor Roy’s life are to eat the fat, drink the sweet, and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared…. (Neh. 8:10). 


Roy and Donna, as of 2022 have been married for 52 years. They both love to travel, play games, and be with family and friends. They both have served the body of believers for over 35 years. 

Dr. Roy's most recent teaching. Dec. 2021

What I Believe

Roy is taking some time off, from teaching because of a medical condition. Roy will be having open-heart surgery, on March 1st, 2022. Please speak over Roy, for a perfect procedure, and a very quick recovery. 

How I study the written Scripture.

Endorsements for Roy's Teaching and Books


I have known Dr. Roy E. Richmond for a while now and have enjoyed the decisive process of how he rightly divides the truth from the scriptures. Dr. Roy understands the value and necessity of knowing the original intent of scripture, directly from the Author’s mind. What I enjoy most is how he hears what Holy Spirit says from within, and that becomes the most significant voice of translation for us all. As I have listened to many video lessons by Dr. Roy, I assure you that his books and teaching will also enlighten and inspired you to dig deeper as you hear His voice call to the deep within you.

Bishop Dr. Bill Hanshew, Instructor WBS University; Bishop of World Bible School International Training Center.

Seeing precisely through the heart of vision in this endeavor, The Mystical View of Romans, and his other books, and teachings, passionately captivates readers in resolute clarity able to understand as Jesus’ completed work of redemption is explained with simplicity in purest origin expressing resurrection identity (wholly) as Father intimately knew us from the foundation of the world. Collectively our capacity expands influence as we intentionally realize it is an honor to dialogue with eyes open, as One. With utmost appreciation, thank you Pastor Roy for persevering and sharing yet another masterpiece translation; your driving compassion like the Apostle Paul is revered.

Monique Renee Butler

You may think you know the Roman Road; you may even feel you've traveled it. But this road was never paved, until now. Roy Richmond uncovers what was before concealed, yet always been true of you.

Gregg Wilson

Dr. Roy Richmond has a way of translating scripture to make it understandable to the people of today!  The number one thing he portrays is the Unconditional Love that our Father God has for us and the fact that we were with him even from the beginning!  I love the way his words make scriptures come to life!

Dr. Faye Hanshew

Roy Richmond provides us with a rework of the original Biblical texts as we have never read them before. Many of the translations from the original koine Greek were stained in conversion with illicit inserts by those who took personal liberties in their translation. Additionally, many original translations from the original language into English were intentionally mistranslated to control the populous into religion.  Roy returns us to the original intent of the message, derived from the original words of the writer, with the original intent of the letter remaining intact.  He enables us to read the texts as we have never read them before, without the errant inserts and mistranslations that deformed the meaning of the original work. Roy dispels many of the religious myths implanted into the texts by replacing erroneous translations with the correct, intended words and meanings, allowing us to read the true message of the writers to their intended audience, and in the context within which they were written.


Sean Lubbe

I have long wondered ‘what did Paul really write?’ Roy takes us past the finely edited and manipulated version we have today, and he brings us not just back to the original but actually beyond. We were never meant to camp out around the campfires of old but to be forever moving forward in revelation and in-sight. Roy goes within and pulls out the light we’ve never seen before until now. I know you will enjoy this refreshing and long overdue upgraded version of Romans, and his many other teachings and books.


Kyle Butler

The book of Romans gives the most incredible explanation of the true Gospel of Jesus. It shows us that the death of Jesus exposed the lies of religion and the resurrection revealed the truth of who we have always been. This book will help the reader to plumb the depths of the Father's love for all mankind; and It will cause those who will dare to open its pages to realize: Truth, which is truly the truth, has ALWAYS been the eternal truth!


Dr. Kay Fairchild

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