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Dr. Roy E. Richmond

Books Authored by Roy; including two by Frank Hodge, and two by Kay Fairchild

Dr. Roy E. Richmond

I have lived in Oklahoma City, OK, for 73 years (2023) and am married to my lovely wife, Donna; we have three adult children and nine grandchildren. I have studied many hours a day, biblical history, Greek, and Hebrew since 1988; from what I learned in my earlier years,


I have written over 80 books, of which many are now published for those who study from a Redemptive View Understanding. You will find individual links below for those books. As of May 10th, 2023, I've published 22 of the 80 books, with many more to come. 


I've published on LULU. as of 2006, the books I've written after I entered a more spiritual journey in my studies and research, and I now consider myself a "mystic," which is a person who seeks to know the spiritual meaning and symbolism of the words in the Bible. Rather than only reading the "written" word, I seek to know the Living Word, which brings real-life experiences. The Living, Spiritual Word is the Logos: The creative spiritual activity that reveals the law of the Spirit of abundant life.


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My Seminary Degrees: Master of Arts Biblical Studies; Master of Arts Theology; Masters of Arts Biblical Counseling; Doctorate of Theology Th. D.

The Books below
were studied and written from 1996-2004 from a Redemptive View.
Each book will have a separate link to order with.


This book consist

of around 500 pages.

Volume 1

500 pages

Volume 2

500 pages

367 pages


By: Butch  (Frank) Hodge

By: Butch  (Frank) Hodge

Please watch Dr. Roy being interviewed by Dr. Hanshaw on the subject of the three stair-steps to one's spiritual awareness.

The Books below
are from my studies from 2004 forward. The content is from a Spiritual (other than physical) understanding of the Sacred Scripture. 

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to purchase my 2004, forward books @ my printing company, LULU
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Book 6



Living out of Your Spiritual Resources

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