The Allegorical Reality of the Book of Revelation

Section 1


In this book, I will teach the mind-brain connections from the Book of Revelation. I will not do it chapter by chapter, verse by verse. But I'm going to pull phrases outwards at the beginning. It's going to sound like I'm going chapter by chapter, verse by verse, but eventually, we're just going to pull out some words and phrases and apply them to the Mind-Brain connections. I would like to point out something before we actually go to the Book of Revelation, which is the reader's awareness. Awareness is manifestation. In other words, we rarely always manifest at the level of our awareness. And so, what we want to do through meditation is heighten our awareness, bring it up higher, so the manifestation that we experience becomes more of a full range of manifestation within our lives. Since teaching the Mind-Brain connection series, I have received many phone calls and messages. I had one lady who said that after I taught on New Year’s Eve 2020, Father spoke to her thoughts to listen to that message that we did that night, and she listened to it all night. She said she listened to it four times, and then she began to explain what it did for her life and how some changes happened. I also received a phone call from a lady in West Virginia who listened to the series of Mind/Brain Connection, and she experienced some great changes within her life. She is part of our church in Portland, IN. It was Mary, the secretary down there. She, for many years, experienced troubles with her ability to articulate and communicate; she had thyroid cancer. Many years ago, when she was teaching one night in Portland, she felt like that throat energy field opened in her. I've had some experiences recently. I used to have these crazy floaters in my right eye. And so, one day, I noticed that it wasn't there. I had completely forgotten about it. And at one point, I realized they were gone. I had 3 in the right eye, and I thought, well, you know, that makes a lot of Spiritual sense considering from the right side can bring about changes within our physical body. I believe that there will be a change that happens in all who hear and feel the Truthful Word.


Just naturally, when we used to be in more of the Holy Place understanding, to mention where the gifts of the Spirit operated, and maybe we had a physical ailment or a problem, they laid hands on us, and that was well and good. But many times, the problem was that it wasn't the fruit that remained. However, when we begin to draw out of our well, we begin to have our awareness heightened Spiritually and lifted; awareness is manifestation. Why? Well, simply because our awareness is a projector, and it will project out what we become aware of. Now, I wrote all that to say this; I expect things to happen. I'm expecting things to happen within our bodies, within our lives, socially, mentally, and financially. I'm expecting these things, and I just want to encourage you to expect them. If I can say it, expect normal flow within your life. Expect things to take place within your physical body that brings about changes.

In 2nd Corinthians chapter 3 and verse 3, it says these words, “Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the Epistle of Jesus ministered by us. Written not with ink but with the Spirit of the Living God, not in tables of stone, but in fleshy, tables of the heart.”


So, what is that telling us? That is telling us that we are right now Spirit. We are manifestly declared “to be” the Epistle of Holy Breath or the Living Word. In other words, now that is true of us objectively, do we want to experience it subjectively? In other words, you want to walk in it; you want to experience. So how is that subjective experience “going” to occur since we already are manifestly the Epistles of Christ or the Living Word? How are we going to experience it?


It is as Jesus said, through meditation, taking no thought from the left side, becoming a little child, turning within, going into our prayer closet, shutting all the thoughts off that come from the left side. All those things that Jesus told us to do are a part of lifting our awareness to a place where things will just begin to naturally flow out. Now, when that happens, then we can begin to experience what we call a fruit that remains or, as John, 15 words it, as fruit remaining or continuing fruit, and that's the difference. I believe we will experience more today than what we have in the past in religious settings, as we open ourselves to what Father is saying today. Now, I've said this before several times recently that I believe that we must begin to look at our bodies differently. What do I mean by that? Well, we've always talked about God's purposes for healing and health and wealth and all these things. He's already given us all things that pertain to living a Godly life and living a natural life. We have it all; we lack nothing. And so, it behooves us to look at some of these things that we have been sharing in our past teachings, especially concerning the body's energy fields. In the past, we've said, “Well, we were anointed to preach, and we were anointed at teaching, and we were anointed when we pray for people.” We also felt we were anointed when we prophesied, and certainly, that's true. I'm not taking away from that. But what about talking about chrism, which is another word for Christ. Another word, for Spirit, another word for oil, another word for anointing. What about that? Chrism flows to a part of our brain and manufactures more as it flows within our physical body. To me, that is just as important to acknowledge that as the anointing to preach. To teach in the anointing and to flow through the gifts of the Spirit is just as important for us to look at the different parts of the brain as we have been doing. And we look at this more in the Book of Revelation. It's just as important for us to acknowledge those things as to acknowledge the anointing that we have when we teach, preach, and do all those other things. If we want to experience this life and not die, and declare the Lord's works, we need the quality and energy we had when we were a teenager; I believe we can because we're in the Ageless one. If we want to experience that, then we must look deeper than we have ever looked at before, and we have to look deep into what is going on even within the physical body. I shared in the previous teaching; if we layout on a picture of the Tabernacle, our head would be in the Most Holy Place. Our body would be in the Holy Place; our feet would be in the Outer Court. And of course, the floor of the outer Court was just the earth; it was dirt. And so, our feet connect with the things of the world, or in other words, the Physical Realm. So, as we look at these things, and as we begin to see that our head would be in the holiest place. We must begin to look at the things that are going on in our heads. And that's what we have been doing in this series of teachings. But we also must look at what is going on within our physical bodies. And what can we experience in our physical body?


So, with that, let's go to Revelation chapter 1, and let's begin to open Revelation chapter one. We're going to be talking about the Lake of Fire. We're going to be talking about the bottomless pit. What would you think the bottomless pit is? The bottomless pit would be me thinking from the five senses realm. I said before; nothing is wrong with the left side of our brain. God gave it to us. But you see, when we are tempted or challenged to think by the five senses, what is happening is the five senses are trying to connect with the left side. The five-sense thinking isn't going to try to connect with the Christ mind, but the five senses try to connect with this part of the left side that has to do with reasoning. Human reasoning has to do with natural intellect and so forth. So again, I want to make that clear, nothing wrong with the left side, but that's the side that the five senses with temptations or any challenge try to connect with. Now, there is a part on the left side that I call the Virgin Consciousness. And that Virgin Consciousness is that element that has never been touched by religion, never been touched by a man whose breath (understanding) is in their nostrils (senses). Why? Because that seed “remaineth”. The seed remains, which I will write about later.

I will start with the two witnesses in the book of Revelation. I know what we have heard taught about the two witnesses that it was Elijah, one of the prophets, and so forth, but let me say it this way. I see if we lay our body on the Tabernacle, and since we are the body of Christ, our body is a body. What do we see in the Book of Revelation if we lay our body on the Tabernacle? Most of what is written in Revelation surrounds the temple. What is the temple? Our body?

Our Father said he does not dwell in temples made with man's hands, but He dwells in temples that are not made with man's hands. So, what am I saying? I'm saying that we can go to the Book of Revelation and apply our bodies to the temple. Because a lot of what's happening in Revelation is concerning the Temple, it is what's happening in the Throne of God. Well, where is the throne, if our body is the temple? But it's the Christ mind, the Right-side. So, the two witnesses we could say are the pineal gland and the pituitary gland.


Now, I've said this before, the people of the Ancient East believe that there are at least 70 different applications of the scriptures. I say it this way; there's one interpretation, and it's the Christ-Mind, and Christ has many members. I could take any book of the Bible and teach it as applying to the Body, Spirit, Soul, Mental, Social and Financial. So, I may not see 70 different applications, but I can see a lot of different applications as long as we get the one interpretation correct. Then we can take a lot of different areas of our lives, and we can apply the scriptures to them. So, with that in mind, what I'm going to do in the Book of Revelation is I'm going to make the application to our bodies. And I can rightfully do that because, as I said, a lot of what we see written in the Book of Revelation has to do with the temple and surrounding the temple. In Revelation, we look at scripture that talks about those around the throne and in the throne and are the throne. Well, that's talking about the right hemisphere of the brain, and we can apply it to the right hemisphere. So, let's begin here in the Book of Revelation chapter 1. And let me just say this as we begin, Revelation means the unveiling. Revelation means to unveil something. And what I'm going to play it to is the unveiling of ourselves.


I believe Revelation can be taken as a deep orientation where the organs and the glands and the different parts of the brain can be applied, and we can see all of that in the Book of Revelation. We're also going to see that the Book of Revelation is the conflict that goes on inside of your head. And we're going to also see the conflict that goes on inside of our bodies, because it does happen from time to time. We have conflicts in our thinking from time to time. We have conflicts in the physical body. So, we're going to look at that as we study in the Book of Revelation, but we must know “Revelation” means unveiling. So, we're going to see the unveiling of Christ in association with our physical bodies. Now, we know we are Christ, and we know we are the temple, and we know that we are Father's body. And so, what we're going to see in the Book of Revelation is going to be that which was revealed to John. And as a matter of fact, his name really wasn't even John. His name means a fish. It was 0ri and iOS. However, that's pronounced and means “a fish.”  If you go over to Israel today, I don't think you're going to find people named by Peter, Paul, and Mary, or Jim or John; why? How come we see those names in the scriptures? Simply because the translators, tried to make it easier for us to understand and related it to the English Names. Like, for example, you have two English named people in the garden, Adam, and Eve.


Why, Adam and Eve? Why not some Hebrew names, because they were for the Middle East area. But anyhow, that was one of the things that the translators did, because they thought it would help us understand things and relate to things in the scriptures easier. They really made it harder and made it more confusing. Remember, John had been boiled in oil? That's what history says, and it says he was sent out to the Isle of Patmos to die. Patmos means my death, and guess what he did? Instead of dying, he lived, and he got this message from the Spirit. It says he was in the Spirit on the Lord's day. You know what it means when it states, he was in the Spirit. He became aware of Spirit; that's what it is saying there. It should have been translated, He awakened to Spirit,” and then it says, “He sent and signified it.” He signified it, and the word signified means it was written in signs and symbols. So, if we're going to look at this book of Revelation, if we're going to see the conflict, and how to come out of the conflict, that goes on in our mind, that goes on in our body, then we're going to have to give some thought from the perspective of the right-sided thinking and the body of Christ. We're going to look at it symbolically, not literally. I know the Preterist people have looked at the Book of Revelation as a literal thing. They say, “Well at all is just prophecy, you know,” it all prophesied badmen and what was going to happen when Titus and the Roman soldiers came into Jerusalem, and destroyed Jerusalem, and destroyed the temple and all the artifacts in the temple, and so forth. But this is a Spiritual book, and it says it right in chapter one that he signified it from his Messenger to John. In other words. It's all in signs and symbols. It never was meant to be taken in a literal sense. Now, let’s read from 2nd Corinthians 3:15, “But even unto this day when Moses is read, the veil is upon their heart.” There's a veil on people's hearts (awareness) when they read what the Old Testament states; if they read it literally, there's a veil that's upon their hearts. Verse 16, “Nevertheless when they shall turn to the Lord, the veil shall be taken away. KJV


Where is the Lord? He is within us? In other words, if they'll turn within, the veil shall be taken away. Now, the Lord is that Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. So, in other words, what this is saying here is this: If we look at the Book of Revelation or from any book of the Bible for that matter, in a literal sense, we allow a veil to be placed on our awareness. We do as Paul said, let it become the letter, and the letter kills, the Spirit gives life. If we look at it, in a literal sense, and stay with the historicity and stay with the literal interpretation, it throws up that veil. If we will turn within to Spirit and allow Spirit to give us the Line and the symbol of the Spiritual interpretation, or Spiritual meaning, then what happens is the veil is removed and taken away. Now that's what he says about the veil, and so many people have thrown up the veil when they have studied in the Book of Revelation.


Another scripture is Proverbs 1:6 it states, “To understand a proverb, and the interpretation; the words of the wise, and their dark sayings”. KJV Once the dark sayings were hidden from us. But everything is in the open right now. Nothing is hidden from us anymore. So, the Book of Revelation is about dark sayings.

We must look at the Book of Revelation by turning within, by meditation, by allowing Spirit to begin to speak to us to reveal to us the dark sayings or the hidden things, and they're hidden because you cannot see them just with natural eyesight. You cannot hear what Spirit is saying with the natural ears on your head. You must turn within; you must hear it by Spirit. When this happens, you come to the place where you know, that you know, that you know, and nobody can talk you out of it. Now, back to Revelation.


Revelation 1:1 “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:” KJV

You could say sign-i-fide, which means, what? It's written in sign and symbol; he sent and signified by or picture, which is a sign.

Revelation 1:2-3, “Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw. 3 Blessed is he that reads, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.” KJV


In the teaching I did many years ago in the Book of Revelation, I taught the whole book of Revelation chapter by chapter, verse by verse two times in my Ministry. And this is what I said back then, and I still hold to this where it says, “Keep those things which are written for the time is at hand.” If you look up that word “hand” in Strong's Concordance, it'll give you the word “throttle.” Meaning the throttle is in our hand. So as quickly as we can experience this, as quickly as we desire to experience this, we can. We can experience this as quickly as we want to experience it. Why? Because the throttle is in our hand. Let me just go as far as to say this, the throttle has been in everyone's hand for eternity, and you don't have to wait until a certain age or certain era to experience these things. Enoch and Elijah experienced these things ahead of their time. Paul was a man born out of due season. He experienced things ahead of his time. Now, scripture states, as I have already written, that we are the temple not made with hands, and He dwells in temples that are not made with hands. So, as I wrote, if we would lay our body on the Tabernacle, our head would be in the Most Holy place. Now, think about it this way, if you didn't have a head, how much could you experience Father? If you didn't have a body, how much could you experience the anointing and the energy and the Vitality? None whatsoever. So, therefore I'm saying I can take the Book of Revelation and teach it from the perspective of the right hemisphere, which represents the Christ-mind and those other things, and I can teach it from the perspective of the body. The left side represents the Earth or represents the body. I teach from that perspective. I can teach every book as Spirit, open it up, and teach every book from the perspective of the body and the perspective of the right hemisphere of the brain.

Revelation 1, verse 1 states that God gave his servants to show them things, which must shortly come to pass or be manifested. So, in other words, the lower thoughts where he says they are to show to him, he gave unto his servants; the things that must shortly come to pass, in order for us to experience what we talk about in this vitality and this energy flooding our entire being. Then the left side will serve the right side; the two will become one when you put on the Christ-Mind and pay your tithe; you take this ten percent that you usually use on an intellectual level or human reasoning level and give it over to your Christ Life’s control. This side will serve you well. The Left-side will do what it's supposed to do, under the control of the Divine Mind. So, this is what it's saying, where he says, God gave unto his servants to show them things, which must shortly come to pass. And it’s really talking about the fact that when we take this left side and yield those carnal thoughts, they become the servant of the Christ-Mind. And as we follow the instructions that Jesus gave and what we're going to see in the Book of Revelation, which is the how-to. We need to know “how-to,” we don't need just a bunch of beautiful messages that people leave, and they say, oh, what a wonderful message, and they forget about it, and never think about it again. What we need is somehow to live as Spirit in the natural world. There are thousands of how-to books out there that people run into the bookstores to purchase. But Revelation gives us the how-to of any conflict that we would have with the right side or that we would have on the left side. Now what we're going to do is, we're going to look at these things, and we're going to come to the place to whereas in the book of Thomas, there's a statement there where it says, “Know thyself.”


We need to know ourselves. We need to know ourselves from the perspective of the right side. We need to know ourselves from the perspective of the left side. You know, it's kind of like if you're putting an electrical appliance together. Personally, I dislike reading instructions if I'm putting something together, so don't get me an instruction book. I just want to mess with it until I can make it work. And so, there have been many times that I have taken an instruction book and just threw it back in the box. But here is the thing we're going to see in Revelation; it’s like an electronic device you're trying to get to work. Maybe something that has to do with your TV, or even a Christmas tree, putting a Christmas tree together. If you read the instructions, you know there is a certain place where each branch needs to be placed. The same with a TV; there are different channels that you must tune to, in order to watch your favorite programming. And so, this is what we see here. Because in a sense, you are an electrical Appliance.


You and I are electrical appliances because our brain fires up by electricity in our body. Just like there is an electrical system in our heart and a plumbing system, both works together. And when things are in the right perspective, up in our brain, everything else eventually is going to naturally flow. Your body will heal itself. A lot of things will change, and your finances will come in line. Everything will begin to come in line with your True Life once you connect the right currents together. Now, what I want us to see as we get into this, and we really begin to look at some of the “how-to” here, as we get into this book of Revelation, we're going to see that there are seven victories for us to experience.

The seven churches represent the seven energy fields of the spine. You have 33 vertebrae in your back. Our brain manufactures energy, Vitality, Chrism, and Anointing; we can call it the Christ substance, which our brain manufactures. It comes down, and it's housed in the solar plexus. I have taught this many times. Through meditation, the Energy begins to rise, and when it rises and gets clear to the top, what does it do? It activates the pineal and pituitary glands and goes to the right side, just like when we are in the winter solstice from December 21st to 24th. And then, on the 24th, the sun begins to rise. It's in the heart of the Earth, the Sun begins to rise, and it slowly begins to rise. It swallows up Aries, which is the burnt offering, and then it goes to the right side, which represents our right hemisphere. So as the energy flows, the Sun from the Solar plexus rises within us. It activates the pineal, the pituitary, and you experience the land flowing with milk and honey. And then it goes to the right side, just like the Sun. What happens when the Sun goes to the right side? We enter into spring, and then eventually summer begins to come, as in the macrocosm and the constellation. So, in the microcosm here, it's the same thing. It's the same action that takes place. And so, as we look at this, we are to see that the seven churches represent the seven Energy Fields. So, there are seven victories that each of these seven churches goes through, as the seven energy Fields within our bodies become activated through our meditation. You want to get the energy to flow as you get into the meditation and begin to do those things that Jesus told us to do.  


Revelation 1:3, “Blessed is he that reads, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.” KJV

Now, concerning prophecy. We used to believe prophecy was just about predicting the future, but it is different from ancient prophecies to Eastern people. It could have been a song, and it could be a poem or writing that had nothing to predict the future. But what it was to them was a dedication to penetrate the mystical and penetrate the esoteric. According to Revelation chapter 5, that word “within” is esoteric. You must go within (esoteric) when you're trying to interpret the scriptures. Do not approach it from an outward sense, but you have esoteric when you seek the book within, when you've turned within and allowed the Spirit to begin to reveal the truth to you.


Now also in the Book of Revelation, we're going to see that it talks about Nations. We know we can translate that out to be in many places in the scripture to “imaginations.” It talks about Nations. It talks about personalities. It talks about countries there and what are they? But every one of those symbolizes our mind and our body. For example, when people see the word Israel right away, they think of a place in the Middle East. Well, when you break Israel down, what you have is or Isis as they call it. So, you have the feminine principle and the masculine principle. What is the masculine principle? The right hemisphere. What is the feminine principle? The left hemisphere. You have the masculine principle, the feminine principle, and then you have what is at the end of Israel. You have the power of God. So as the two become one here, you experience the power of God. You begin to experience that. When the chrism flows, you begin to experience the energy. Then you begin to experience those energy Fields opening in your spine. You begin to experience the land flowing with milk and honey, and you begin to experience the Pineal and the Pituitary being activated. You begin to experience that chrism going to the left side, and it opens you up to where you start to have Spiritual experience as you’ve never had before. When you begin to understand things Spiritually that you've never understood before, the two sides become one.

Now, it's interesting that even the word Angel comes from a Greek or Hebrew word that means “Messenger.” Often people say they saw an Angel or heard an Angel speak to them, which is well and good, but to our awareness, an angel-messenger is a thought that comes from the right side, and I believe that's what John was experiencing. I don't think that a winged angel or a fat baby with wings or anything like that came to John. The angel messenger came and spoke to in his thoughts and gave the revelation to him. He learned from the thoughts that came from within him. We can say it was Divine thoughts that came from within him while he became aware of that, which is Spirit, or when he was in the Spirit on the Lord's day. And, of course, we know the law concerning “the Lord’s Day.” The Lord's Day wasn't Sunday, Monday, or Saturday? It was an experience of the Lord's day in him. We're living in the Lord's day where people are beginning to experience things Spiritually as they've never experienced before. The Lord's day is the experiential thing that occurs within our lives. We begin to experience that subjectively.


Revelation 1:4, “John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be unto you, and peace, from him, which is, and which was, and which is to come; and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne;” KJV

Notice, John is writing to the seven churches. And of course, we know the number seven symbolizes completion, perfection, and a way of living, and that's true. Seven also represents divine intervention. So, Revelation gives us the how-to when we have conflict within our thinking or conflict within our body. We can have this divine intervention of what the seven churches represent, which is the picture of the seven energy Fields. So, what verse 4 refers to here as the seven churches are the seven energy fields, or some people call them seven chakras. It's simply talking about those nerve centers that are in our spine, and the energy that flows within our spine. And as that begins to be activated within, we begin to experience that energy.

For example, if you go into a doctor's office, what are you going to see? But a serpent on a pole? That's the Caduceus, which represents health. You've come here because you have a problem, and you need healing, or you need wholeness, or you need help. And that's what that serpent on the pole represents, the caduceus. When you go into the doctor's office, you're going in there to get well, you see. So, the Kundalini effect is what it is, meaning a force in the human organism. The energy is going up our spine in a serpentine manner. That's why it's a serpent that's on that pole when you go into the doctor's office. So many times, we have not wanted to deal with things, but we're going to have to start looking at some of these things and dealing with these things if we want to experience that Optimal Health that we already objectively have. We already have health. So, we want to experience now what the people of the East called this. And we'll look at this more in the other chapters of this book. The people of the East called this energy that flowed up the spine, the “Book of Life.” They also call that experience the “Book of Life.”


Now the lower of the three lower energy fields that we have, in our physical body, hold a lot of fear, guilt, shame, and hurt within us. So, once those lower energy fields begin to be opened and the energy starts to flow, that is what is called “the book of Life”. They have color; they are red, orange, and yellow. The very bottom energy fields of our body are red, orange, and yellow; they represent being cleansed from guilt, condemnation, fear, and so forth. And what I call that is the baptism of fire because this energy can also be called fire, which is the Living Word. When the energy begins to flow, and you experience what the Eastern people called The Book of Life, you begin to experience that baptism of fire, and it's going to open those energy fields. It is going to swallow up any residue of fear, guilt, or condemnation that you've had in your life. And that's what we're going to be looking at.


Inside of every one of us, there are these 33 vertebrae. When we are between the ages of one and six, the three bottom ones, or the five bottom ones begin to fuse together. As you know, Jesus on the cross took Five Wounds. Those Five Wounds represent the five physical senses. And once we are no longer operating out of the five physical senses that connect with the left side, we experience our Oneness in Father. And is it interesting that between the ages of 1 and 6, those five vertebrae and the lower part of the spine begin to fuse together? Our bodies were already trying to talk to us about Oneness between the ages of 1 and 6, but we had no clue about that whatsoever. And no one taught it to us. When we get further in Revelation, we will deal with that a bit more.


Now in Revelation, 5:1. Look what it says here. And I saw in the right hand, or you can say the right hemisphere. Those are the things we've talked about. I saw in the right hand or the right hemisphere of him, who sat on the throne. And what is the throne designating? It is the higher thoughts. He saw a book written within. Where is that? It's within, and then it says on the backside sealed with Seven Seals. And that's the seven energy fields that correspond with the seven churches that correspond later in Revelation with the Book of Life. All of it flows together. In the Book of Revelation, we're going to see the “how-to” of getting the energy to flow. We know that we need vitality, as we get a little older chronologically. Age is just a number. Anyhow, you know we are in the Ageless one, so we're not aging; we are just getting smarter and wiser and so forth. In the natural chronologically, how much more do we need to experience this Vitality of this energy so we can do what we are called to do? We can receive an experience now, of all that we have always been. We've always been upright, holy, and righteous. We just thought we were alienated and enemies or supposed sinners in our awareness. Jesus went through death and resurrected to reveal to us the truth of who we have always been. And once we see that very profoundly, we're going to experience some things within our physical body.


Now let’s continue in Revelation 5:1, “I saw in the right hand or the right hemisphere of Him, speaking to our mind that sat on the throne. What is the throne? It is the higher thoughts. And he saw a book written within and on the backside sealed with Seven Seals. The Shulamite in the Song of Solomon, before she experienced the king, was a garden enclosed, a fountain sealed, and a spring shut up. In other words, she was all bound up.

But once the energy begins to flow, we're an Open Garden; we're transparent. We're open for all to see. The rivers of living water clear as Crystal are flowing out of us at an optimal level. So, we don't want to be a garden enclosed, a fountain sealed or spring, shut up. We want the energy fields to be open, swallowing up any residue of anything that could hinder or traduce us. Now, look what it says in Verse 4 of chapter 1, “John to the seven churches which are in Asia….” Where were these churches in Asia? They were in Rome, at a place called Asia. So, we read, “John to the seven churches which are in Asia, Grace be unto you and peace from him, which is, and which was, and which is to come and from the seven Spirits, which are Before the Throne.” I’ve often taught from the seven Spirits of Isaiah, chapter 11, verses 1 and 2 where it talks about the Spirit of the Lord, the wisdom, the understanding the council, the might, the knowledge, and the Spirit of the fear (reverence) of the Lord; all of those will line up in the colors and with the seven Energy fields of the physical body.


Now once we get to a further chapter in Revelation that deals more with the seven Spirits of the Lord, we will see that a little bit more. The seven Spirits of the Lord is the life-breath within you that activates these seven energy Fields. It's the life breath in your brain that produces that chrism, or you could call it the anointing Light. So, the chrism that flows to our brain manufactures the flow of life. It's the breath, and there's so much connected with breath in the scriptures. Every time you see the word Spirit, you could just put the word breath in there because that is what the original word they translated as Spirit was – Holy Breath. Breath is the Breath of the almighty, the Breath of God. When we talk about Abraham and Sarah, remember, their names are Abram and Sarai, and then He added the H factor. And so, they began to discount the fact that they were too old to have children, and they began to operate in Father's faith. Not from man, whose breath is in his nostrils, but they begin to operate from the Breath of the Almighty Father. They totally looked away from the fact that they were too old to have children. And as a result, we know what took place. So, every time you see Spirit, you should put breath in there, the breath of the Almighty. And that is also what the seven Spirits of God represent before the Throne. Now look at verse 5 Revelation 1:5, “And from Jesus, who is the faithful witness/teacher, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him, that loved us, and washed us from our sin in his own blood.” KJV


Let's look at the first phrase in this verse; “And from Jesus, who is the faithful witness?” What is this talking about? The faithful Witness? We need to understand or begin to understand that his name (way, nature) in our body is like an electronic part in our body. We also need to know there is not another person living in you; I know this is hard for people to receive, but Jesus does not live in us; his same Breath and same Divine Mind are in you, but not him personally. Anytime we think there's another person, you know, Jesus living in us, that's Duality. Because where is he? Is it in my kidney? My gizzard, my lungs, and my heart. Where is he? But listen, is he like us, meaning that, which is innate in us, is this electronic stuff that I'm talking about what is in him and in us. So, we need to get away from another person living within us. For example, the birds, how do they know to fly south when the winter comes? Is there another person living in them? Like a GPS guiding them? Or is it bird radar? Isn't it just what they are? Is it just their impulses? So, I'm beginning to look at this a little bit more like that, rather than as some person living in me; I see the person (Father) living as me because we are all One. And the “as me” part, is the way that Father made us from when we were born in our mother's womb. So, to speak the way that he fashioned us, as Psalm 149 says, “Fashioned, as in a glorious in a wonderful way.” So, in other words, Father put these impulses within us, within our brains, within our bodies; that's just innate within us.


If we can make this distinction rather than another person living in us, He made us as that person Jesus was, with all these electrical impulses on the inside of us. Western Evangelical Christianity ministers’ way too much duality in the person of Jesus. Today, we need to see Father as Jesus and us as we are. We need to see every intricate part of our brain and our body as perfect, and that's how Father made us, not as another person somewhere on the inside of us because that sets us up for separation and Duality right away. So, what is this talking about in this statement; the faithful witness, and from Jesus, who is the faithful witness? In other words, we must understand his name (way) as an electronic part of our body that has been placed within us to operate the way Spirit/Father/Breath designed for us to operate. Everything has been placed innately within us, and we do what we do out of who we are. At least we're supposed to do what we do by Breath from the inside out. And once we do that, then we can experience heaven living, and it will come via our meditation. We can experience the fact that we are all seated (at rest) in Heavenly, but are we subjective, actively experiencing that? But when we experience what I'm talking about, we will be experiencing what some people call Nirvana, which is enlightenment and bliss. That's kind of the Hindu heaven, but we will be experiencing this Heaven that we are already seated in.   Where it says Jesus was seated at the right of the Father, what does that mean? He never did anything, but what he saw Father do, and never said anything but what he heard the Father say, so what is “the right of the Father” to us? We are seated at the right of the father. But how can we experience being seated at the right of the Father? We experience it when we think from the right side? He was seated from the right side because that's what made Jesus always at the right of the Father. He never did anything or said anything, but what he saw the Father within him do and like Him, in him; that's what it means. They are the faithful witness that every single person in this universe has, the same mind, way, and character in them, which is not necessarily some person living on the inside of them, but it is a created by Holy Breath in their brain and of their body impulse innate within all people.


John 14:20, “Ye shall know that I am in my father and yeah and me and I in you.” KJVSo, what I'm trying to say is, we need to get away from the idea of a person living in us. It's Father as us. It's the anointing as us. It's the Vitality as us. It's the energy as us. It's all that Father is, Jesus was and is, as us. It's simply telling us there that if we pay attention to this, we will experience changes within the physical body will experience changes in our whole being if we can see it that way rather than our thinking that there's some other person living in us somewhere.


Father made us as him. He made us as him now. Quantum science says this; they say that all you must do is look at a nucleus, and it'll change while you are looking. All you do is look at it; you don't have to speak to it. Just look at it. So, if we would just look at these truths, seeing it will experience changes in our life. Again, John 14;20, “And that day, you shall know that I am in my Father?” What does that mean? I am in my Father. The Father is the higher thoughts. Well, what is the Christ in all of us? The Christ-Mind is the right hemisphere. That's what we're talking about then, but it's not a person. It's not a man. It's an electronic impulse aspect within us, that when we activate it, it will rise up or raise up the higher levels and allow us then to sit experientially at the right of the Father. Now, I know that's a little difficult to understand because no one has told us about this. We don't hear this in church meetings, and if people in church hear this, a lot of times, they stand against it because they think, “oh, you know, that's a bunch of new-age Eastern philosophy stuff,” but it's really the truth. As I said, how do birds know to fly? Instinct. How do they know to go? Is it instinct? How do we know to do? What we do, is by instinct? The Christ-instinct is not only in us, but it is as us. So first we have Revelation one that states that he/we are the faithful witness because that impulse within us is crying out to tell us to go upstairs, to the Upper Room, drive out the money changers and have them listen, have the left side become one with the right side, where the energy flows. Guess what? The money changers are driven out of your body, anything that was not meant to be in there. By Spirit, it all will be swallowed up and will be driven out.


Now, verse five also calls him the first begotten of the Dead, which means the firstborn from the flesh to the higher domain. In other words, the right side of the Christ, mind swallows up, all the Dead thoughts on the left side, or the Lower Side. And what is it saying? By first-begotten, that needs to be our first priority. In other words, there must be a beginning and a conception (making contact with our Divine Mind) within you and I, from all the death thoughts that try to connect with the left side. That's what that's talking about. The firstborn of the Dead, the right side of the Christ-Mind, swallows up all the dying thoughts of the lower thoughts that try to connect with the left side. So, in other words, for that to happen, there must be the begotten of the Dead. The first begotten of the Dead. There must be a beginning within us; there must be a conception within us. There must be a quickening within us of the truth from the right side, the Christ-mind. When that takes place, all the death begins to be swallowed up and burned out. Then notice, it says that He has us, and also the prince of the kings of the earth. Now, let me ask, what is the prince of the earth? Well, that's the ones that rule. So, we are the prince over the lower thoughts of the left side. So, we could say, once the two become one here, the Masculine and the Feminine, because the prince has ruled or the King has ruled, then what happens? We're Master of our lives. That's what he's talking about there—the prince of the kings of the air.

 The last part says, “unto him, that loved us and washed us from our sin in his own blood.” I know how I taught this before, and I'm not taking away from that. Yes, Jesus did go to the cross, and he did shed his blood, and his death revealed our rent veil, which was the false concepts and false ideas that we embraced at one time, and then his resurrection revealed that Truth of who we are, and always have been. I understand all that. But let me bring this down to what we're talking about here.


When the life of the energy begins to flow up these seven energy fields, and activates the pineal and the pituitary glands, and then goes to the right Hemisphere or to the right side; what's going to happen? All the cleansings that need to take place over the lower thoughts begin to swallow up and begin to burn out and get rid of all the lower thoughts. Hence, “The Truth will make you free.” And that's what I see. The life of the flesh is in the blood. So, when the light begins to flow within us, then all those effects of a mistaken identity depart. We've been taught that the word “sin” means mistaken identity. Peril speaks of what the result is because you always act like the person you believe yourself to be. The many perils of the lower thought life result from the flesh of having a mistaken identity. So, as life flows within our energy fields and nerve centers, and vitality begins to flow, all those things are going to be unblocked. All those things are going to be swallowed. Rise up and you're going to feel like a million bucks or better.


So, what are we going to look at in the Book of Revelation? We're going to look at the “how-to” in a greater sense of all that we've been talking about in my previous teachings on the Mind-Brain Connection up until now. (See my YouTube Channel – SininginHim for the earlier teachings)

Now, we talked about the fact that The temple pictures us. A lot of what we see in Revelation is happening in the temple, and the temple is our body. And remember, on the Ark of the Covenant, they had the cherubim over the Ark, and those two cherubim represent in our brain the cerebral. We're going to look a little bit deeper at the cherubim because God spoke to Moses from between the cherubim. Where does he speak to us? In the cerebrum. The same place where they are with the garden? There were put two cherubim with flaming swords at the entrance to the garden. We talked about that recently. What is that talking about? What is the Flaming sword? Cheribum with flaming swords were put there to keep the way, not to keep people out, but those Cheribum with a flaming sword are to keep the way back into the garden. You don't put them in the front of the Garden of Eden to protect the way but to keep the way. So, if they represent our cerebral, and if the fire represents this baptism of fire that has to do with the energy flowing, then what we're getting back to is to experience everything that Adam’ had, plus even more.