"A Law of Attraction,"?

After taught a lesson, titled, "The Law of Life," I thought about how many people are falling for the teachings of "A Law of Attraction." "A Law of Attraction," has sold many books, audio teachings, and now I hear it taught by many people on Facebook live teachings. If we were to depend on "A Law of Attraction," then that would imply we do not have "all things that pertain to spiritual life and physical life." We do not have to attract what we already possess. I remembered Kay Fairchild posting on this in the past. I found it on her page, and am re-sharing it.

If you have followed "A Law of Attraction," teachings, I encourage you to read her post below. First, in this post, I will include an early post that same year that is a bit shorter in length.

Rather than the ‘law of attraction’ being an external attraction, it is an internal radiation. We have all things already. We are blessed with ALL things that pertain to life (natural life) and godliness (spiritual life). Awareness IS manifestation! When truth is conceived and quickened in our feminine principle from our masculine spirit/Christ Mind, the self-fulfilling word/seed is naturally birthed.

From Kay Fairchilds FB post: It is not about seeking our Father for houses, lands, cars, boats, husbands, wives, financial blessings or anything tangible; it is about knowing the lover of our soul. John the Apostle stated that ‘eternal life is in KNOWING him’. As we ‘seek first the kingdom of heaven within, all things are naturally unfolded’ according to Matthew 6:33.

That which people call the ‘law of attraction’ is the radiation from within (since we have all things within already) out-pictured in manifestation. Solomon was told that he could have anyTHING that he desired; and we know that he asked for wisdom, knowledge and understanding. What did he get as a result of not asking for tangible ‘THINGS’? He got everything! Solomon knew that the secret of manifestation was not in seeking some ‘thing’ in and of itself. When we know him, we come to know ourselves. We know that we lack no-thing. We have/are all blessing—invisibly. We lack absolutely nothing. That is why I call any needs we may have as ‘apparent’ needs.

To have subjective experience in our lives, or, ‘fruit that remains’ is not in seeking THINGS in and of themselves, but in desiring to KNOW HIM in, through and as us. In other words, he IS all things personified as us. He IS my health as me! He IS my wealth as me! Scripture states that ‘he is ALL, in ALL’. Now certainly, when a person asks for a ‘thing’ they may acquire that ‘thing’, but it is merely temporary and short-lived, rather than lasting and permanent. For example, there is a difference between needing healing or, walking in divine health. There is a difference between needing a financial blessing or, living in the constant flow of invisible supply. KNOWING HIM is ‘key’ where invisible supply made manifest is concerned.

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