A true Mystic (spiritual seeker) of Truth, finds great tresures hidden in the Living Word

I am constantly amazed at what a true Mystic (spiritual seeker) of the Word, can find hidden in the written word.

Job wrote, Job 28:" Surely there is for the silver a vein, and a place for gold they fine. KJV (I corrected the order of the arrangement of the words to match the Hebrew text)

The phrase "they fine," comes from Hebrew OT:221 zaqaq, meaning to extract or clarify, which is what Comforter Messengers do, when they study and teach.

Job 28:1 There exists a great fountain of Life-Force within us, that reveals the awesomeness of our relationship with Father, and the riddance of all that hinders, and the decree of our Divine Nature is extracted and clarified. RERichmond Tree of Life Bible Translations

The following is what Dr. Kay Fairchild extracted and clarified from the following biblical subject:

"Now an interesting thing we discover about Judah, when you read in Numbers, Chapter 2 and verse 9, it says all that were numbered in the camp of Judah were a hundred thousand and fourscore thousand, and six thousand and four hundred, throughout their armies.

When you do the math there, you get 186,400, which is the “constant speed of light.” So, Judah means the rising of the sun. It's the point of Divine Light and Life. So, Judah being on the east side and East representing the dawning of a new day and Enlightenment and understanding, there were a hundred and eighty-six thousand and four hundred in this tribe of Judah literally, and it represents "the constant speed of light." So isn't it interesting? The constant speed of light is connected with Judah. Judah is connected with the East and East means the dawning of the new day."

Do you think the scientists who discovered the speed of light, might have tapped into their Divine-Mind / Christ-Mind?

P.S. Don't throw your Bibles away; just change your lens to read and study it.

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