A True Story about a Forerunner in the Medical Field, that applys to every system of this world.

True Story

During the Civil War in the USA, Doctors were sent to cities close to the battlefields and also out in the area where the fighting was taking place. They amputated limbs and performed various other surgeries. One can imagine how much blood that got on their clothing and hands. They wore the blood on their clothing, like a badge of courage, and did very little cleaning between their patients. They also assisted women in giving birth in the city's around them after caring for the wounded soldiers.

The Doctors began to discover many of the mothers ended up dying a week or so after the babies were born.

One Doctor felt they were doing something wrong, and he began to study the blood of the deceased and living mothers. He discovered something no other Doctor had discovered yet, and that was germs.

He was so excited at his discovery. He felt they were spread from the blood and other bodily fluids that the Doctors carried on them because they did not wash their hands very well or change their garments before they went to their next patient; including the mothers. He wanted to tell everyone what he learned.

So, this Doctor began to declare what he learned and told the other Doctors they needed to change their garments after each surgery and also wash their arms and hands thoroughly. With that, the Doctors began to mock him and speak ill of him. They told other Doctors not to listen to him; after all, no one in the medical field had ever heard of such a thing as "germs." The attack on this Doctor became so vicious that they drove him insane, and he ended up in an institution.

In 1869, only four years after the conclusion of the Civil War, Scottish physician Dr. Joseph Lister published his paper proposing the first truly popular modern germ theory, and other well-known Doctors followed his study; they discovered the other Doctor was correct. Germs were the problem; they were spread by Doctors who did not change their garments or wash their hands thoroughly.

This story can be told of any forerunner who discovers greater truths concerning knowledge and wisdom.

Father inspired Jeremiah to write the following to Israel: Jeremiah 3:15 And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding. KJV

Why is it that people turn against those who study, teach and share greater knowledge and understanding that conforms with Father's heart (awareness)? I think it might be pride and insecurity, and because of that, they spread "germs of division."

It is not wise to speak out against someone who teaches what you do not yet understand. Just because you do not understand something, or it is not being taught in your circle of teachers, does not mean it is wrong; your perception might be off. It would be wiser to contact that teacher and say, "I do not understand what you are sharing. Would you please explain this more to me?" Selah

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