An Open Letter from me...

An open letter to my family, my personal friends, which include the Full Gospel Assembly Family, my co-workers around the USA, my FB friends and followers, and all those I am in a relationship with:

As I slowly awakened today, I began to think about how blessed I am. In eight days, I will be facing one of the most challenging surgeries one can go through, next to brain surgery. Many people have asked me if I am afraid; I always reply with “no.” However, I would be foolish to say it is not concerning. I am thankful for this procedure they can do in my heart because I expect the surgery to result in me having a life-stamina back, full of energy, and not filled with fatigue and the thought of an “any minute” heart attack taking place. For sure, this has made me aware of my mortality.

I thought about what I would say if it were the last time I could speak to the people of my world. The following is what I would say:

I have experienced a life that I never dreamed I would. I married the most beautiful and wonderful Lady, which was and still is, the woman of my dreams (Donna Faye Richmond). She has been with me through tough times and many more good times. No one could ever be what and who she is to me. I do love her immensely. Then we were blessed with three beautiful children (Angela Dawn, Nathan Edward, and Alison Noel). From the three of them came to us our wonderful nine grandchildren; Zane, Alex, Kaia, Quaide, Camille, Joel, Greyson, Silas, and Ethan Edward. They are amazing children and have brought us great joy and love. (To write of my wonderful experiences with my family would take many volumes of books).

Donna and I have done more in our 52 years of marriage than we ever dreamed possible. We have cruised around Italy, traveled to Australia twice (to teach), been all over the Caribbean, the USA, including Hawaii and Alaska, and to Canada twice. I was privileged to spend a week in Guadalajara, Mexico at an orphanage. I also have taught at several Church meetings in the USA, but not as many as one would think. I am privileged to serve as a Professor for Global Grace Seminary. After 38 years at Full Gospel Assembly, my primary teaching time was at our Tree of Life Fellowship and, most recently, to people over Social Media by way of FB and other platforms.

I have greatly missed being able to teach over the last two months. Teaching, writing, and sharing what Father leads me to is my life. I was licensed as a minister in 1976, and then in 1988 began to teach weekly. I have taught well over 7,000 times. Teaching is what I love to do; as I wrote above, I do miss it greatly.

Around 20 years ago, Father spoke to my thoughts and said, "You can stop transcribing the teachings of your teachers now, I will dictate to you what to write and teach." From that day forward, I have experienced Father's Voice in a greater way, leading me down the path I have been on. I always feel there are many more books in me that need to be taught and then written. In fact, around that period, a man was at a minister's gathering that did not know me. He came up to me and said, "You need to hear this, “I see many, many books in you." Now, I know what he said was true. As the Prophet of old Jeremiah, it's like the Living Word (fire), in my bones, and I have to let it flow out.

I want to thank every one of you who follows me on FaceBook, my web page, and YouTube. It is a great honor I have, to grind out the Word and make it pleasant to hear from all who listen to me teach. I did not understand the Bible very well for so many years, but now, it makes excellent sense. I have much more to share and many more books to write. So, I plan to get complete what Father has commissioned me to do.

I am not done yet!

I love my family, I love my life, and I love all of you. I desire that you continue to speak words of life over my body (including my heart), and by faith in Father’s faith, see me in excellent health, continuing to teach the Living Word to all who hunger for truth. It is my mandate to provide portions to those who have none.

I love, respect, and value you all, Roy E. Richmond

P.S. Remember to always eat dessert first.

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