"Come and See."

Revelation 5:11“ And I became aware of and heard in my thoughts, illuminating and thundering Voice’s sounding as the Voice of One, being spoken through an innumerable number of people expressing Life, coming from every direction, and all around the Comforter Messengers, and those who responded to the Holy Breath in the Bride, saying, “Come and See”. The numbers of those Voices were millions of times millions, times millions of millions; an immeasurable number of Father’s creation, in contact and perfect fellowship with Father.” They were singing, “Only Father receives the credit and admiration, for the reason being, His Great, and Marvelous Work from eternity (power) remains for ALL, eternally, age after age after age, world without end. What Father decided, decreed, and declared from eternity, is trustworthy, and worthy of putting one's entire being and life in the trust of. Bless His Holy Name.” RERichmond Tree of Life Bible Translations

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