"Mystery Babylon and the Bride in Contact"

One more mystery that we were hidden to by the initiation of religious rites, is the meaning of the word “Christ,” and it has brought great confusion to all who follow Jesus’ teachings. I will not share much on this once mystery, because I have shared the explanation, many times over the past year.

A short explanation is, many times the word “Christ,” was wrongly placed in many sentences, that the translators should have used Jesus’ name, rather than Christ. There is only one Greek word in the Bible that the translators translated as “Christ,” and it is Christos (khirs-tos’) meaning anointed. Mr. Strongs and others who published interlinear’s, added “Messiah, an epithet of Jesus.” If we used the rule of first mention, the first place the King James version uses the word “anointed,” is in the place where David had a horn oil poured out over his head. The word was supposed to be translated, “consecrated,” rather than “anointed.” To be consecrated, implies the person has seen something. In Jesus’ case he saw what Father did, and he heard what Father said – he was consecrated by staying on CONTACT with Father.

The Greek word the translators should have used, is the root word, chrio (khree’o), meaning through the idea of contact, and then Mr. Strongs and the others added “to smear or rub with oil.” A further root word is chraomia (khrah’-om-ahee), which means to be able to handle, and to furnish what is needed. What we think we need, was supplied from the foundation, and whatever is required for spiritual or physical life, will flow out of or to you as you make Contact with your Source Father. Another awesome root word, is cheir (khire), meaning “congener,” meaning a person of the same kind of category or class. So, what do we discover when we enter into contact with Father our Divine Mind? We discover we are in the same category or class as Father is. One more root word is cheimon (khi-mone’), meaning the idea of a channel, as in pouring rain, or may I say, we become a channel of the Living Water (Word) of Father, to flood out of our being, like torrents of Living Water.

So, now you know, why I prefer to use, the word contact with our Divine Mind (Source – Father), rather than Christ as in you, as the thought that Christ is Jesus in you. Jesus did not want to stay mankind’s source, he wanted mankind to Connect or Contact Father as their one and only Source.

So, it is better to understand that Contact with Father in you, is your hope of showing forth (glory) who you are.

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