Our Eternal Sonship (Sons and Daughters)

The Clarification of "Sonship," needs to be heard by all people. If you have not watched this video, please do; you will be blessed by the content. Love you all! Romans 9:1 “The words I speak originate from my Holy Breath. They are the truth and are not meant to deceive. What I heard and continue to hear has born witness, in my conscience by the Voice of Holy Breath (Father). 2 The grief and sorrow, which I often experience, is for my fellow brothers who are stuck in the mindful thinking of the Mosaic law. 3 If it would be possible and would help, I would excommunicate myself from living as Holy Breath, and from living eternally one with our Father, so I could help my Law-minded brothers. They are my kinsmen according to our race, and according to my past dependency on the Mosaic law.”

Verse 4 “They are the descendants of Israel; to whom the understanding of Sonship was revealed. Also, it was through them that the sacrificial offerings of the Mosaic covenant continued, including following the law of Moses, the ceremonial worship, the continued offerings of appeasement, and all their “do to be” pledges. Verse 5 They are the fathers of such beliefs, and of the “do to be” works. It was to them, whom Jesus first appeared to announce the good news saying all people possess the Holy Breath of our Father, and all people are eternally sacred, holy and blessed, world without end. Amen!” RERichmond Tree of Life Bible Translations

One of my friends, Sue Nickel always uses the term, “Papa,” for our Father. And another friend, William Paul Young, author of the book, “The Shack,” also named the lady in his book who represented Father, “Papa.” Abba, (ab’-bah) is an Aramaic word being a word of endearment signifying Father. (Mark 14:36; Romans 8:15; Galatians 4:6)

In ancient times a slave or menial servant was not allowed to call his master (the lord or head of the house) Abba. Only the children of the family could do this, or someone in a close relationship or association, because it was an indication of the tenderest affection. When Abba is used in the Bible the word Father follows it and therefore gives emphasis to the term. It is only as we come to know our sonship, our true relation to God, that we enter into the consciousness of love and tender affiliation with Spirit that is signified by the word Abba.

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