The Earth is purging it self, from us???

Contrary to what many sayd, concerning “the earth purging itself of humans;” it is just plain silly.

Our planet was formed and created to produce and replete life from its internal and eternal life Source. The Apostle Paul explained why all people who live as carnal, become weak, sickly and die needlessly. He said they/we do so for “not discerning our whole self.

In mankind, there was no weakness, sickness or death, until they individually embraced the lie of religiosity. Then they passed that lie down, to the many who would embrace and spread the Great Lie of separateness themselves. These flus, colds and other viruses are not part of any purging; they are allowed by us because we do not yet fully draw from our eternal life (health) within.

All these lies of purging and the end of the world are designed to make you afraid. What happens when you fear? You will be controlled by those who produce the fear.

Know First Who You Are, Then Adorn Yourself Accordingly

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