The Household of Faith

For those of us who are of the Household of faith, and acknowledge the Fathers decision, decree, and declaration over mankind, if there is ever a time when they/we need an Angel/Messenger to come on the scene, they will be there. We definitely need them in our daily lives. From David’s many experiences, he wrote as recorded in Psalm 91:11 For God shall send Comforter Messengers: prophets, priests or teachers to establish you, for the purpose of guarding you with understanding, and wisdom in your entire life. 12 They will raise your awareness and understanding in you that will remove any sense of lack or defeat in your daily walk. If you embrace what is taught, what they teach and explain, will bring great guidance and protection to you.” RERichmond Tree of Life Bible Translations

We have had many messengers show up in our lives; sometimes, and we might not be aware of them. It was because we believed that Father is our protection, and Father would always direct, not being aware thatr Fathers guides us by Consecrated Comforter Messengers. Do you have one or more in your life, or better yet, are you living as a Consecrated Comforter Messenger to help others?

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