RERichmond Tree of Life Translations

Section 1


The Old, Outlook, and Perception Books


Genesis 1:26-27, where they translated the Scripture to say, “Let us make man, in our image and after our likeness:” In the KJV that is not the correct rendering. It was recorded this way, in the Hebrew, after the animals were created, God spoke over the man he formed: “Saith God, become man as a representative figure in resemblance and decided, declared and decreed, have dominion over…. 27 So created God, man as a representative figure in resemblance, God created himself male and female to create Himself (God) in a body, everlastingly.”


Genesis 30:27 explains the meaning of the word “serpent.” And Laban said unto him, I pray thee, if I have found favour in thine eyes, tarry: for I have learned by experience that the LORD hath blessed me for thy sake. KJV


The phrase “learned by experience” is the same Hebrew meaning for the word ‘serpent’ - OT: 5172 nachash (naw-khash'); a primitive root; properly, to hiss, i.e., whisper a (magic) spell: KJV - learn by experience, X indeed, diligently observe.


Joshua 24:15 Choose you this day, what part of your being will you live out of; either your Spirit or your five-sense realm, conscious awareness. As for me, I will live, move and having my being out of my Holy Spirit Mind.


Job 28:1 There exist a great fountain of Life-Force, within us, that reveals the awesomeness of Redemption and Righteousness, and the decree of our Divine Nature is clarified.”


Psalm 1:1 Happy, fortunate and well off, to go forward and to be honest is the man that walks not in the counsel of one who condemns, nor stands in the way of those who miss the mark, nor sits in the seat to disdain others. 2 But his delight is in the prescription of living from the Lord; and in His prescription doth he meditate day and night. 3 And he shall be like a Comforter teacher, planted by the rivers of the truthful Word, that bringeth forth his fruit in his time; his life-giving Word shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. 4 The teachers of the knowledge of good and bad, who are not aware of our true Father Creator; they are not so: but are like the oppressor which the wind drives away. 5 Therefore the teachers of the knowledge of good and bad shall not rise in judgment of guilt toward anyone in the congregation of the righteous. 6 For the Lord knows the way of the righteous: but the way of those who teach the knowledge of good, and bad shall be undone and made void in their position. 


Psalm 16:11 To know, to ascertain by seeing the Way of Life, living as Holy Breath, fills to satisfaction, brings blithesomeness, hilarity, pleasure, rejoicing, and brightens up in Oneness of power, delightful, to be agreeable and pleasant forever more, perpetual to the most distant point of view, from everlasting to everlasting


Psalm 18:28 For you Father are luminous, and You set on fire my conscious awareness: My Holy Breath burns away the darkness, misery, destruction, death, ignorance, sorrow, and restlessness in my dim in understanding conscious awareness. 


Psalms 46:11 "Calm and quiet your thoughts, by ascertaining and seeking to know Me as your Father Creator, in union with you and all people."


Psalm 68:12 When you truly fashion yourself as to who you truly are, even though it might look like you are lien in all your ways and possessions, you will know you eternally exist in peace and perfection, and are covered in eternal righteousness, and you are lifted up by your Divine nature.”  [Paraphrased]


We understand from the following Psalm that Father God is in man, as man and sets apart some for an intended purpose. Father speaks his decision, decree and declaration to the strong in understanding Messengers, among the gods, which are all people, as the plural of Father God.


Psalm 82:1-8 He asks, How long will you judged people unjustly as if they were bad people, and morally wrong, and cause them to accept this false judgment? Think about it, you are supposed to defend those who are poor minded and weak in understanding and know not the truth that I am their Father and love them. Teach the truth to those who are depressed in mind and live, in destitution. Turn them away from their strong sense of lack (sin-consciousness) to righteous consciousness. Deliver them out of the hands of those who keep them rest-less. They do not know who they are, and cannot understand, while they sit under the teaching of religiosity and mythology. They walk on in ignorance of the truth, wavering back in forth to whatever comes their way, unacceptably affecting all the foundations of the earth.”


Father continues to speak through A-saph in saying, I say, you are gods (plural of Father God); all of you are Sons (as a builder of the family) of the Most High, now and always, world without beginning or ending! But, AS a mere common, low, human mindful man as an individual; me, myself and I, living by sensory understanding, you live as though you were dead. Nevertheless, you are the Princes of this earth, and yet you cast yourselves down, ceasing to live as my Holy Breath, are overthrown, overwhelmed and live as though you are a mortal (liable to die) being. Then Father speaks through A-saph and exhorts these strong in understanding Messengers, Arise, Oh Gods, speak righteously over the earth and its inhabitants; be an advocate to all my Sons and Daughters, and explain to them of My decision, decree and declaration from eternity that they are righteous, holy and are perfectly One with me, and I am in them as them; for you shall make free, the whole of mankind, with this truth.”


Psalm 121:1 I will lift my awareness to my Father Creator as my Holy Breath, who is my source. My source is Holy Breath, which made planet earth, man, all its inhabitants and the universe.


Psalm 132:16 I will also awaken the spirit of wisdom and revelation, in the teachers, preachers, priest who minister to those who are awakening to be the Temple of Fathers Holy Breath, the message of liberty, and deliverance with great understanding. All My Holy People shall shout aloud for you. 


Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Voice of your Holy Breath, with all thine brain, intellect, understanding and conscious awareness and support one’s self not with understanding that comes from the five-sense realm, and the intellect of the systems of man, living a as mere human.


Proverbs 9:18 Where there is no understanding or ability to see as Father sees man, the people live AS void and AS naked of Fathers life: he or she who lives out of My law of spirit and life, HAPPY they are. 


Proverbs 16:3 Constraining your goings-on as in union with your Holy Breath, will fashion your imagination, purpose and thoughts aright.

Proverbs 16:25-26 There is course of life, a road and mode of action that seems right unto a man, who receives information from the five-sense realm. For this reason, their future posterity lives from that false road, in a state of ruins from the lower realm of departed souls – living as non-existent and non-apparent - the realm the first man Adam descended – living as mere human. One who lives by the five-sense realm, toils, and labors sorrowfully, and works severely and with irksomeness for, the purpose of and respect to self and religious works, for the mouth of that man bends under its burden, downward in a false lower realm life.


Proverbs 18:21 The state of living as man whose breath (understanding) is in his nostrils (sensory understanding), is in ruin and a life of non-existence and the state of living life revived, nourished, refreshed, recovered, and whole, are at hand to explain and speak of the True Life: to have affection for this understanding, one shall consume the revelation of these truths and bring forth much fruit.


Proverbs 20:27 Holy Breath in man is the lamp, light, and glory of our Father Creator, seeking the entire innermost parts of the conscious awareness and sub-consciousness, as a womb to replete Life. 


Proverbs 23:1 When you join (marry) yourself, to be taught (fed) of a person of perceived authority, mentally and intelligently, to the face of what they are teaching or offering you, pay attention to what it is they offer you. 2 Put a hedge (3-fold cord –the Gospel of Jesus Christ) of protection around your ears, eyes and sense realm from that which they offer you, which will surely become part of you and lord over you, when swallowed by you. 3 Be not desirous of the carnal-minded man’s dainties, for they are deceitful teachings. 4 Toil not, in self-efforts and in the manmade efforts that would teach you and give you their works of labor to grow you: cease from thine on outward wisdom and that of theirs. 5 Will you marry your eyes upon that which is a non-power, and which is a non-entity – Nothing? For they certainly flap their wings and produce nothing but winds of doctrines and leave you helpless. 6 Eat not the teachings of moral senses of the landscape-dust realm - lower realm – carnal-realm; neither desire after their offered carnal meats – the things of this cosmos that have no permanence. 7 For as human-faced (carnal-minded) person thinks, gives an opening to, in his conscious awareness of that which he dwells on in outward things. He creates what he dwells on and it becomes his realization. Eat and drink, saith the human-face mind to you, “Drink this cup of abomination”; but his carnally minded teaching and intellect are not protecting you, it is overshadowing you with the deceitful word. 8 The carnal religiosity and traditions are the cup of abomination thou hast eaten, and you vomit up (spew out of your mouth, repeat and empower it), and it decays the sweet matter of the un-deceitful Word that would make you free. Withhold not proper encouragement, improvement and instruction from the child-minded persons who live out of carnal mindset, as little children: for  if you teach him with the un-deceitful Word of God, he will not live a life of non-existence. I assure you, if you will teach, instruct, encourage and restrain him with the writings and understandings of the un-deceitful Living Word, he will not live a life of non-existence, with no spiritual discernment or see corruption of his conscious awareness, and body. 14 You shall refresh him, with Holy Breath inspired revelation knowledge , and without fail, you will rescue, deliver, and recover his conscious mind awareness and life from living as a mere man (human) whose understanding only comes from the five-sense realm, and enable him to live as a Son or a Daughter of our Father Source, possessing full awareness of his or her eternal righteousness and oneness with his creator Father.


Proverbs 31:15 The Awakened Man, roused up in success, from a state of non-existence as a Son of God, while many have not awakened to their Holy Breath and revealed revelation, And gives substantially, the bread and wine of the Good News, to all family, nations and kindred of every kind (everyone) of Father, being his appointment to the immature, who live as mere man whose understanding comes from the five-sense realm; those who have not yet awakened to righteousness.


Isaiah 1:18 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: Though your offensive sacrifice is blood, death and offerings of appeasement, when you think aright, your offering will be white as snow (snow white as linen clothing - righteousness); though your past offering be the blood offered by human-minded man (A’dam), when you get it right, your offering will be love - pure, holy and righteous thankful-living and giving-thanks.


Isaiah 5:11 Oh, how sad of them that spend their day to run after things which are corrupt (healing, wealth, physical things) and perishes by nights end, and are intoxicated by the things offered by the systems of religion and the cosmos and not of Father. They are inflamed to pursue hotly, things that tend to corruption but not the things of the Kingdom – righteousness, perfection, peace and joy that is found within. 12 With their life, they live and present themselves as if their life is wonderful, but yet they fall away, faint and live foolish lives, AS vessels of dishonor and they fade, wither away foolishly in their body. They clap their hands with a perceived joy, and sing as though all is well, but they pollute, intoxicate, profane, prostitute, and stain their selves with the dainties offered by the systems of this present age, existing only in that lower realm of a beastly life. They do not see the beacon, the token, the sign, the miracle or regard with pleasure, consider or look upon and see the Great Operation of Father God, neither do they have experience, gaze upon, take heed, perceive view, much less understand the work  of the Father in redeeming all mankind from the Great Lie.  13 Rightly so, my Sanctuaries (nations - awareness) have been deprived of My Life and intimacy with Me, because their knowledge is corrupt, and they have no conscious awareness of Me. Those who are spiritually mature, have understanding and are anointed of Me; they hunger and thirst for Me, with great desire. 14 Because of my children’s present state of understanding, consequently so, they continue to live in the pit that man digressed to after they ceased from living and walking in spirit with Me. This fallen carnal thinking has broadened itself and wrongly received of all my children, and has swallowed them all up without measure: they have descended to a lower region, far below being Sons that I made them to be. And their magnificence splendor, beauty, excellency, honor and majesty has vanished in their understanding, and their abundance of destruction, exultation of oneself, shall descend into corruption and they know Me not.


Isaiah 23:2 "Be quiet and be at rest in being one with Me..."


Isaiah 52:1 Open your Single Eye, open your Single Eye, and put on in your conscious awareness your Holy Breath, My Most Holy Place Dwellings. Put on your righteous, glorified illuminating covering, O Habitation of Mine, My Holy, Sanctified People: for nevermore will there come into your conscious awareness, seeing yourself as naked of My Life, with a sense of morally being defiled, polluted and unclean. 2 Remove thyself from the lower realm teachings and beliefs. Rise up in your conscious awareness. Live as my Most Holy Place Dwelling, and remain, settle down as being One with Me, O Habitation of Mine, My Holy, Sanctified People: break open the religious restraints that bind you, and hold you back, you who have been living as mere humans in a false lower realm life, you offspring of Mine.  3 For I say unto you, you have sold yourselves into religious bondages and have been held down low, receiving nothing that is yours, and in vain have not lived as my Glory; of truth I tell you, Me, your Father Creator, I in Sons, shall redeem you all back to awareness of me, without any dead works of righteousness. 


Isaiah 53:5 He dissolved the far-reaching confusion of man; crumbled and made void man’s dead works of righteousness, and the ensuing rest-lessness, which was the consequences of living AS mere man with no Contact with Father; that which hindered man from living safe, well, happy, in divine health, prosperity and at peace with Father, was brought to not, melted away and made void: living joined together with no hindrance, out of our union with Father God, we were always whole. 


What if, Isaiah 53:10 actually started out with, "Yet the Hebrew leaders (Elohim, "god's" as in man) were pleased to bruise Jesus and put Jesus to grief when they brought him up on the charges of declaring himself to be a Son of God, and then verse 11 they offered him up to satisfy their desire to kill him and they were satisfied with the sever travail of Jesus' soul?"


The next part is talking about Jesus' knowledge of man - he took carnal-minded men's awareness into himself to fortify everyone with the truth. Justify is to fortify a person’s understanding with the knowledge of eternally being right-wise with Father.


While studying several Hebrew articles, concerning, the phrase, "It pleased the Lord," every one of them stated there was no clear text they can find, where "Lord" was the actual word used. Without exception, each article felt it was Elohim*, in the sense of men (no gender implied).


*OT:430 'elohiym (el-o-heem'); PLURAL of OT:433 Almighty God; gods in the ordinary sense; but specifically used in the plural of the supreme God; occasionally applied by way of deference to magistrates, leaders, kings, man:


Isaiah 53:11 by Jesus’ knowledge shall my righteous servant free all from the false estate of living as dead to God; for Jesus shall bear that which hindered the Life.” 


Isaiah 58:12 And they that exist the first-fruits of all people, and will bring back people, generation after generation, eternally to whom they were, from before time  began to affect man, at the foundation of the world; they shall be called, “Returners to the starting point,” which was before time. They teach the truth that makes man free from their false identity and the great lie of religion. They bring the great understanding of our eternal salvation, which will cause those who hear with ears wide open, to return to living, moving and having their experience as Holy Spirit.


Isaiah 59:2 But your offense of offering blood, animals and tithing sacrifice from being rest-less, exist separated asunder by your God, and your offences are absent and apart from you; hear this intelligently.


Isaiah 60:1 Arise, let Your Holy Breath; Light, Life and Glory be seen, for your Life, Light abides, and the splendor, full weight, honor and glory of Father, Creator, Breath is illuminated upon you. 2 Certainly, though the misery, destruction, ignorance, sorrow and death of living as mere human, covers the inhabitants of the earth. Even though there is no understanding of the Spirit of Father, in the conscious awareness of the community of men whose understanding comes from the five-sense realm. The Highest Father appears from within man, as shooting beams of Glory, Light and Life; the full weight, splendor, glory and honor of the True Life, appears from within man; being discerned, and enjoyed. 3 Walking to the Light in you, all people will march to the illumination and happiness rising up from within, and the sovereigns of the systems of the world, will come to the clear sounding teaching, trumpeting from within, and the brilliancy of Our Glory. 4 Open your Spirit-eye to see all the people: ALL people will come to you: every generation, of every age will put on the awareness of Holy Spirit in their conscious awareness. 5 At that time, you shall live in an infinite awareness, be cheerful, enlightened together, standing in awe, and your conscious awareness will quiver, and be made wide open because of the massive number (all) of people who have been in bondage to the lower realm systems of the world coming to you. They will leave those false systems, and come to Your Light upon you, to be awakened to righteousness. All nations shall abide as One Mind, One Presences and One Power, living as the Plural of Me as one Body.          



Jeremiah 7:23 But this thing instructed I them, saying, listen to my voice with intelligence, I exist your Father, and you exist my people: tread about in all your ways that I have instructed you, that you may be happy, well-off, successful, be content and reflect the image of me.  


Jeremiah 7:24 But they did not pay attention, so they did not hear intelligently, nor did they even try to hear Father, but they walked in the counsels of old mythological and paganistic influences, and in the imagination of their REST-less conscious awareness; they went backwards in the sacrifices of dead animals, blood and offerings, and not forward in the fellowship of Me their Father.


Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts I think and intention that I have toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of perfection and peace, and not of adversity sorrow, grief, rest-lessness and affliction, to give you an expected Life, for everlasting after everlasting.”


 Ezekiel 28:6 “Therefore thus says the Lord God: Because you have imagined your sense realm awareness and feelings to be the feelings and will of God… 7 the consequences will be…


Ezekiel 43:11 And if they see that they are not living as Father’s Temple, shew them the form of the Most Holy Place Temple that they are, and the fashion thereof, and the goings out thereof a false awareness of a worn out way of life, and the comings in thereof of the true Life of being the Most Holy Place Temple that they are, and all the forms thereof, and all the ordinances thereof, and all the forms thereof, and all the laws thereof: and write it in their sight, that they may Live the Abundant Holy Life, being aware of being Fathers’ Most Holy Place dwelling, and all the ordinances thereof, and do them.


Daniel 12:3 And they that be wise in Spiritual understanding, shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that instruct in righteousness, increase to infinity as the Stars (Comforter Guides) for ever and ever, world without end.


Joel 2:28 In those days, I will set upright and solidify my Holy Breath in all people, and your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions. 29 And also the highest in understanding Comforter Messengers will spread out in that day solidified in understanding as my Holy Breath.”


Amos 9:11 In the Day of My Operation (Jesus Redemptive work) I will awaken people to manifest what the tabernacle of David pictured, and no longer exists in a man-made physical temple, and will wall up (our wall is salvation) what was demolished (what the first-man Adam lost in understanding); and I will raise up the people that received the death (no spiritual understanding) that they should have let pass by that demolished, destroyed, ruined them out of ignorance, and pulled man down from the heavenly awareness, and I will obtain my children, surely as in the days in the beginning of the world without end. 12 For the purpose of bringing to an end, the illegal, false, non-existent state of living AS human (man hewn down). Not only those of whom I called out (Jews), but also the entire race of humankind, who are called out of the old way of living, unto Me, eternal, world without end - saith I Exist that doeth this great work. 13 Stop, Look and Listen – an age will come, saith I Exist; I in the anointed explainers of my Word, I in the harvestman, I in those who grind out the Word (treaders of the grapes), and feed the fruitful revelation of my Great and Mighty Work, by speaking with inspiration of my Spirit, and those who rest in the realm of the Spirit, prophesy, explain, and give fresh understanding (revelation knowledge, understanding) and shall make void the non-existent state of the entire race of Man (living in a hill top experience and not a Mountain Top experience - the highest of awareness); what I in them do minister, shall melt away and make void living AS carnal (world without end).


Obadiah 21 And people who have their spirit eye wide open, free and bringing revelation, ascends in the spirit realm of Life, teaching with righteous judgments, to the posterity of Sons and Daughters; the result being the consciousness and brain of man entering into perfect awareness of being one as the Breath of Father.


Note: Forty-two times in our Bibles, man is exhorted to ‘awake’.

The first Hebrew references # 5782 is through the idea of opening the eyes by stirring a people up to a higher realm of understanding and living. Secondly is the # 6974, it is also used in the sense of an abrupt waking up from sleep.  In the Greek, it is used as #1453 egeiro, through the idea of collecting one’s faculties. To waken, arouse from sleep, from disease, from death, from obscurity, inactivity, ruins, and nonexistence. The Apostle Paul used the word ‘egeiro’ in Rom 13:11 And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now, is our salvation (Constant Contact with Father) nearer than when we believed.


Micah 5:14 I will forsake, pull up, root out and utterly tear way the false images out of your awareness, and make those beliefs desolate, destroy, bring to nought, overthrow, utterly pluck down the images by opening your eyes, stir you up and lift you up to a higher awareness.