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Living out of Your Spiritual Resources

Chapter 1





           As the title of this book states, we are going to learn about our spiritual Source, and see that everything comes out of the realm of spirit. When we see something that is tangible (something that is made), we believe it has been Spirit-slowed-down to our visibility. Everything comes out of the realm of spirit, out of our awareness or consciousness. “As [a person] thinks in his heart, so is he” (Prov. 23:7 NKJV). “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks,” (Matt. 12:34 NKJV) and things begin to manifest. We say, “As a person thinks in his or her individual awareness, so is their awareness,” it is not who they are but who they believe themselves to be. Everything comes out of spirit; the spirit that is within us. It is imperative that we have the consciousness that is of Father, because He is the law of our being. It is contact with Father, our life, being raised up within us. When we realize that, then we know that there is no sickness in our in Contact life. We do not believe that Father sees people as poor or rich. We do not believe He sees sick people and well people. He sees us for who we truly are in spirit. Some would ask then, “Is He not touched with our infirmities?” Yes He is because he is One with us. The Apostle Paul stated the reason people are weak, sick or die needlessly, is because they do not know about the power of Holy Breath in them, or that they possess all things that pertain to spiritual and physical life.


           We believe that Father sees humankind as One with Him, and they all have contact with the Divine Mind, which is Father. He has made us to be a first-fruit; those who are staying in Contact with their Divine Mind, and allowing Father to speak to their thoughts. Father is in us as us, and we are eternally righteousness. He does not deal in the realm of things that are thought to be good and bad. He told us not to have duality, so why would He? Once we raise our level of awareness to this fact and are really gripped by that, then our consciousness will be raised to a higher level and what Father has given us will grip us. It happens when you begin to eat the right things spiritually, which is the Living Word, rather than just the “written word.”




           To start off, we want to make seven initial, important points that we will touch on throughout this book.




           The first thing is that it is by the eternal life of Father gracing us with His Holy Breath, that we live our True Life. We are coming to the place where that which flows is the result of a spontaneous outflow. It will be some- thing that will be natural within our lives. That is how Father designed mankind to live. What does it mean to truly live by faith in Father’s faith? The realization that there is only one power, that Father is the law of our being, that Contact with Father is our life (Source), and that Father is not in the business of giving us anything, but wants us to know that we already have it. Then as we become aware of it, we experience the manifestation of all He has already given. In other words, as we raise our level of awareness concerning what He has already given and what He has already done, tangibility comes. The only thing Father is doing presently is upholding the spiritual kingdom of His own. He is sustaining and maintaining the spiritual universe. We know that is hard for some to understand; but what more could He do when He has already blessed us with all spiritual blessings that we’ve possessed from our birth. What more could He do when He has already done it; and it is already settled. What more could He do when He has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness?


           He has done all He is going to do, and now His Holy Spirit is in us to convince all humankind of this truth. He has done it all, and He wants the people to receive it.


In Psalm 82, David says, “Ye are gods…But ye shall die like human minded men” (Ps. 82:6-7). Isaiah said that man, whose breath is in his nostrils, is of no account (see Isa. 2:22). We are not to live like a man whose breath (understanding) is in his nostrils (sensory understanding). We need the inspiration to flow from our Devine to our individual awareness. We do not live in the realm of human minded man; we are not mere human beings. Jesus said we are in the world, but not of the world. We are spirit, as we eternally are. We are not a man who has breath flowing through his nostrils. We are a God, as in Elohim -  God in a body. We did not say that we are God—our life is Contact with Father. Father is the law of our being. It is not me and Jesus on the road together; it is Father as us. He is our life, and we are to live by our eternal Source Father because of that fact. We trust in everything that He has done from the foundation, so we live as the gods Father said we are. We live by Father’s faith in us.




           Father’s Life operates because of Him, not because of man or anything we could do in the natural. His Life operates simply because of Him. Again, we need to realize that He is always sustaining, maintaining, and upholding His universe. He is omnipotent; meaning, He is all-powerful; so also, are we. If He is all-powerful, then what chance does a traducing and hindering problem have in a person’s life? Father has all power, and there is no other power than Him. He is the only power. He is not only omnipotent. He is also omniscient; so also, are we. Which means He is the Supreme Wisdom, the only Wisdom and only Intellect. He is the all-knowing Father. How can we say, “So, also are we?” Because we are One with Fater, and according to Hosea, we exist as the Plural of Father in our body. Furtermor, scripture states, “We have contact with Father’s Divine Mind, and we know all things.”[1] RERichmond Tree of Life Bible Translations


           He is also omnipresent, so also are we. Which means that He is everywhere at once. If He is everywhere, then what He declared from the foundation is with nothing lacking. The law of our being is purely and strictly Father because He is everywhere. That does not mean He is in every situation as far as the appearance realm is concerned. What that means is we need to know there is one power. He is all powerful; He is the all-knowing One; He is everywhere. If He is everywhere, that means that He’s in all of us, and you. Because our body is His temple (dwelling place). We are a Soul – Life Giving Spirit, and we are the soul of Father. If we stand upon what Father has done from the foundation, and what Jesus revealed, we will realize that His Life operates only because of Him, and not because of anything man could conjure up, do, or not do on the human level. He sustains and maintains the spiritual universe—His Kingdom. The blessing of Father operates only because of what Father decided, declared and decreed from the foundation; we must become consciously aware of all that He did.




           What we need to do is release Father from any obligation of giving anything to us and realize that He has done all He could do. He sent his Son, Jesus to the Jews, and the people of their world to share His truths, and continues to set apart more Sons and Daughters to every generation. How could He give us anymore? We could do all kinds of things and try to influence Him. We could think we are entitled to something; but we have everything presently. Father has done everything that He could ever do. We need to realize what needs to be done is for us to feed on the bread and wine of the Truthful Word, so that the consciousness and awareness of Divine Mind can be raised up in us. Everything that appears to be negative in the appearance realm will be sucked into and drawn into it for the purpose of changing it. We know things worked in the Outer Court understanding because Father meets us where we are in our awareness, but it operated in a limited way. However, the things we are writing about are understandings of the Living Word, which is the Word that will make us free  from our past beliefs. These truths have to do with the Feast of Tabernacles experience. We are talking about real prayer from the heavenly that we abide in and are. When we release Father from any obligation that we think He has, and then we release our- selves to who we are in union with Father, things will begin to manifest from the inside to the outside.


           In First Thessalonians 5:17, Paul instructed the Church to pray without ceasing. Why pray or converse the Truth without ceasing? How can a person do that? We do that by meditating. People spend hours and hours in prayer, then get discouraged and hardly pray at all, then beat themselves up. We have had people tell us that their prayers have changed so much that they do not know what to pray anymore. We say, “Well, just rest and meditate on the is-ness of Father.” Allow your awareness to be raised to His level and to who He is and who you are. Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness and all those things that are yours will be added to your awareness. Take no thought—get out of the need-conscious realm. Do not be in a state of denial concerning certain situations. Also, do not let those situations drag you out of contact with Father. Keep abiding in Father and meditate on Father by thinking spiritual thoughts. That is praying without ceasing. When you pray without ceasing, your individual awareness is always upon Father and upon spiritual things. It is not that you are trying to keep your awareness on spiritual things; it just happens as you delight in Him. We meditate on the Word daily, and we cannot wait for my daily study time. We are not talking about a boring and laborious time of reading the Bible. We are talking about living out of the dimension of where it is; you do it automatically. David said the Word of Father was his delight (see Ps. 119).


           We pray without ceasing and purify ourselves from the belief that Father is a withholding God, punishing God, or a vindictive God. We need to be released from any thoughts like those. First John 4:8 says, “He that loveth not knoweth not God; for Father is love.” Father is love; and then in First John 1:5 it says, “God is light, and in Father is no darkness at all.” Meaning, in Father, there is no punishment. People tell others that they are going to reap what they sow, and that is correct; but Father has nothing to do with what people reap. People do certain things in the world of the physical, and there are consequences, but that is not God. Father is love and light, and He does nothing bad to people. In Father there is no darkness, no punishment, no evil, and no enmity. Father does not just have love—He is love. His love is just as tangible as the sun in the sky. The sun in the sky is proof of God’s love. The apple tree that gives apples is proof of God’s love. Jesus, the Son, is proof of His love. Adam’ (the first race of man) needed air to breathe; Father provided air before there was a need for air to breathe. Adam’ needed food, and Father provided food before there was a need. All that would sustain life was already there; Adam’ did not have to take thought for one thing, and we should not take anxious (human) thought for any-thing either.


           Humankind needs to realize Father is light, and in Father there is no darkness; He is love. It is vitally important that the Church quit ascribing things to Father that people experience or go through. People say, “What goes around comes around,” and “What you sow you’re going to reap.” In the back of their minds, they think that is Father doing that. It has nothing to do with Him. We need to realize that He dealt with people under the Old Outlook and Perception times, the same what He deals with people under the New Outlook and Perception times. He deals with all people in love; He does not deal with us in punishment and never did.


           If you are going to talk about what you sow and reap, then talk about sowing the good things and reaping the good things of Father and the good things of life. Talk about sowing into your awareness the things of the spirit; to be spiritually mindful is life and peace. Talk about the spirit things that you have sown. Here again is something that Father has given us dominion over. If we will put on the mind of contact that we have and get some truth on the inside of our consciousness, it will produce. If we ascertain and desire to know of the Kingdom of Father and His righteousness, we will see that our individual awareness will change. It is not Father doing it, because He has already done everything. He set the spiritual laws into motion, and we merely operate in them. He is upholding His spiritual kingdom. In other words, He sees to it that when we meditate, we will have peace, perfection and joy. When our awareness is stayed on the Lord, we will have great rest. He sees to it that His universe is upheld. Father has given us the privilege and the desire to have fellowship and communion with Him, to know Father as Paul said, “in an intimate way” (see Gal. 4:4-7 MSG). As we do, our awareness is lifted, and out of that lifting things will manifest in the outer realm.


           Let’s look at Hebrews chapter 11, and take this a little bit further. Without faith in Fathers’ faith in man, one is unable, to fully agree with Fathers perfect eternal decision, decree, and declaration from the foundation. The reason being, he that seeks to know Father with understanding, must put his life in full trust in their Holy Breath because Father, who is Breath exist in them. His Life experienced in man brings forth Life, Peace and the experience of Perfection to them that search out, and seek after, by leaning his conscious awareness to the Voice of Holy Spirit. (Hebrews 11:6). RERichmond Tree of Life Bible Translations


           Does verse 6 say, seek healing, seek finances, or seek deliverances? No, it says “seek Him.” He is the rewarder in the sense that He set that law into motion. And if we will have an intimate relationship with Him—His Is-ness, we will see that He is all the things we need. We seek “Him” rather than seeking things. Matthew 6:33 tells us not to seek physical things. He set into motion that spiritual law. So, what He is saying is that we are to seek the “is” realm—Him. For he who comes to Father must believe the Is-ness of Father, and that the Is-ness of Father is a rewarder (see Heb. 11:6). If we will be aware of the “Is” realm, we will find that is what it means to be diligently ascertaining, seeking and desiring to be more aware of Him rather than things. We find this all the way through the Word of God. Ephesians chapter 1 records that we are blessed with all spiritual blessings in our whole being. Second Peter 1:3 reveals that He has already given us all things that pertain to physical life and spiritual life, which really are one in the same. Luke 15:31 talks about the eldest son who was complaining because his father had given so much to the prodigal. The father never had anything against the prodigal son, received him with open arms, and gave him a great party. He said to the eldest, “Son, you have always been with me, and all that I have is yours.” That is what we need to hear Father saying to us. We are full of everything that He has provided for us already. All we need to do is raise that consciousness and the awareness of Him. Out of that, His life will flow spontaneously. As a result, those things that are unhealthy and not according to what Father desires for us will be magnetized and drawn into His life and swallowed up. They will be changed in a twinkling of an eye. We are not talking about the Outer Court realm or Holy Place realm—begging and asking. We are talking about Most Holy Place realm living, which is perfect rest.


And let the peace of Father rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful (Colossians 3:15).


           Peace rules! We believe that is what Paul meant when he said, “I have learned, in whatsoever state I am in, therewith to be content” (Phil. 4:11). Not just being passive or in a state of denial, but what the word really means is that I have learned to be unaffected by those things that come against me. Agree with your adversary. What does that mean? The word “agree” means to have a healthy mind concerning those things that appear to be coming against you. Realize that  Father is the law of your being, contact with your Divine Mind (Father) is your life, and there is only one Power. The adversary, traducing, and hindering things were taken care of at Calvary more than two thousand years ago. Now we can have the awareness of the Is-ness of Father raised up within us.




           Father is forever uttering His voice. The same message we hear today, anyone can hear. Some might say, “But He has certain people to whom He gives the message.” To a certain degree that is true because they are seeking it, and some have become Comforter Messengers. Maybe it is a pastor who is diligently seeking truth. However, anyone can hear on the level of spirit just as easily as a pastor can hear on the level of spirit. Father is always uttering His voice, and Father is always speaking to our thoughts. His voice is like a radio station. All we need to do is tune in to the frequency, and we can hear what is being said. There are radio waves and television waves all around you right now. All you need to do to receive them is turn on a television or radio and tune in to the frequency. Father is always speaking, and when you tune in to Him you will hear Him speaking. Therefore, if we go to Him in our grief, He can speak to us a message that will manifest itself as comfort. If we go to Him with a physical problem, He can speak to us and utter His voice to the point that the earth melts. We tune in to Him in sickness, seeking only Him; He will speak to us concerning that particular problem in our life, and healing will manifest. It is found in seeking Him, and “tuning in to” His voice. When a person experiences the Most Holy, they seek only Him. Father is forever uttering His voice. All it takes is for a people to hear by the spirit and it changes everything.


           What did Job say? Even under the Old Outlook and Perception times, Job said, “Is not my help in me?” (Job 6:13). He knew his help was within him. If you think you are experiencing lack and you seek Him, He can move on someone to come to your door with food or money. You could be out in a boat and fish could jump into the boat. He can show you where a garage sale is that has just what you need. He can place a loaf of bread in the middle of the road, and it can be the exact brand that you eat. (That happened to Roy Richmond some years ago.) You could be out in a desert and a raven can come and feed you. Whatever you are seeking Him for, it manifests as that. That is the “is” realm of God. Once you mature in these facts, you will longer seek anything, other more time with your Father in conversations in love and fellowship.





           Father’s grace is universally operative. Bareness comes in many ways. It can be in a sense of lack of joy, a lack of finances, a lack of happiness, or many other ways. We believe that we live in the hour when we can experience these things that we are talking about in unlimited ways, because they have always been ours. We are living in the hour when everything that the locust has destroyed in our awareness is being restored manifestly. Father is bringing forth a manifestation of His life, healing, and prosperity. As we seek Him, He is bringing Himself forth as what He is in us. As we are enveloped in His rest, then everything else is taken care of.


           What does it mean that Father’s grace is universally operative? He is continually upholding His spiritual universe. Many years ago, I (Kay) gave a prophetic word, and it was this: “Father is moving us from anticipation and expectation into realization and manifestation.” Father is moving us out of asking and expecting things from Him, and into realization (realizing Him), which brings about the manifestation. We know some people who say, “Okay, that’s fine with me. We want to abide in the ‘Is’ realm and have a greater intimacy in the Lord. We want to have our awareness raised for the purpose of getting things.” That is not it. We should want to have our consciousness raised even if we never get a thing. We must be like the young Shulamite lady. She grew up to the point where she wanted the King’s love more than His wine (see Song of Sol. 1).


           We are sure we all started on that level of wanting to know Him more; but in the back of our minds, it was really to get what we wanted. Our motives must be purified, and Father is doing that for many people today. We have had the things, and we have found out that the things do not satisfy like He does. He wants us to seek that place of intimacy and rest with Him more than we do because He loves us so much. Even David said that in the Old Outlook and Perception times, he wanted to die seeking the Lord, he only wanted the Lord, only Him. Therefore, Father’s love and Holy Breath is universally operative, and the Kingdom of Father within us is continually expressing as we release Father from the obligation of giving us this, that, or the other. Why? He has already given us all things.


The earth is the LORD’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein (Psalm 24:1).


           When we see the word “earth,” we not only think about the planet we live on, we think in terms of the outer realm which is the Lord’s. Our body is the temple of our Holy Breath, and it is a vehicle of expression. That is why we believe that Father gave Adam’ spirit, soul, and body as a SOUL (one) in the beginning; and it was never His intention for there to be a separation. We are not “a” body, and “a Spirit,” and “a” soul; we are One as Father is One. Father is not “God,” Holy Spirit,” and “Son,” Father is One.  The body is a vehicle, and the spirit must flow through the soul, and then connect with the body. Our body is the Lord’s, but it did not stop there, and the fullness thereof. Alternatively, we can say, “And the spirit thereof.” Therefore, there is a treasure in the DNA of our earthen vessel that is the very image of our Father Who is the treasure? Father is the treasure, and the fullness is in us. Therefore, the earth—the awareness and the body—is the Lord’s, and the spirit thereof, which is full of Him.


           We should realize that we could never be outside of Father God’s grace because God’s grace is universally operative if we will but tune in to the right frequency. It is always in operation in His spiritual kingdom, but we must come and fill our awareness with the Truth. Does that mean if people do not do that that they will be lost? No, because they can have a Saul of Tarsus experience—be walking down the road and the light of revelation hit them and change their entire world. Nevertheless, even though that happens, they still must submit unto the Living Word of Father and receive it. There has to be receptivity in a person’s life in order to experience this relationship. In the book of Revelation, it says that we are to hear what the Spirit “saith”—He is continually speaking to our thoughts.




           Abide in the conscious realization of omnipresence. Romans 8:38-39 tells us that nothing can separate us from the love of Father. Nevertheless, we must abide in the conscious presence or realization of omnipresence because the very act of not recognizing the omnipresence of Father will cause a sense of separation. However, it is not a separation, because nothing can separate us from Him. A sense of separation can and will be a hindrance in our lives. It is important for us to abide in the conscious realization of omnipresence, so that we will never feel separated from Him. “For as he thinketh in his induvial awareness, so is his realization” (Prov. 23:7 paraphrased) “...for out of the abundance of the heart [induvial awareness] the mouth speaketh” (Matt. 12:34). There- fore, there has to be that conscious realization that Father is the law of our being, that He is the only power and presence, and contact with Father is our life. It is not about getting something because Father is not a giving Father in that sense of natural things. He upholds His spiritual universe; and He has given us the responsibility of submitting ourselves unto the teachings of Jesus, other Comforter Messengers, and the realization and the understanding of the awareness of Father.


           When we abide in the conscious realization of omnipresence, our thoughts are going to be something like the following, but not in the sense of a formula: “I know that where Father is, I am. All that the Father has is mine. It was the Father’s good pleasure to give me the kingdom. It is in me right now, and contact with Father is my life. Father is the law of my being. He is omnipotent, all-powerful. He is the only power that there is. He is omniscient, all-knowing. That all-knowing is the law of my very being, and there is only one spirit.” Our spirit and Father’s Spirit are one because Father is Spirit (Holy Breath). “He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit” (2 Cor. 1:16 Young’s Literal Translation). There is not a number of spirits; there is only One, and it is His as us. It may look like there are many, but that is the appearance realm. We are to raise our conscious awareness to the fact that there is only one power, and then we will be abstaining from the appearance of bad. Why? We are looking unto only one power.


And you exist to know the truth, and the truth exist to make you free (John 8:32 paraphrased)


           No place did Jesus indicate that truth is not here. He said, “When you know the truth….” It also did not say, “Set” you free. It said, “make you free,” and the word “make” denotes ongoing experience. The truth will gradually make you free. The more truth we receive, are aware of, and realize in our consciousness, the more freedom we experience. This freedom involves us freeing Father too. When you free Him from your perceived obligation that He has to give you something that He has already given you, then you are beginning to experience liberty. We must free Him from the wrong belief that He is a Father who can give things or withhold things from people. He does not give, because He has already given. He does not withhold, because He has already given all things that pertain to life and godliness. Psalm 119:89 records, “Forever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.”


           What and where is heaven? It is not a place fifty million light-years away. We believe when people die in the body they wake up to the realm of spirit where they’ve always been; it is not a physical place with streets of gold. The book of Revelation states, “a street,” and is talking symbolically of a walk. Where is heaven? Heaven is the realm of spirit, including the spirit in you; we can also say, “It is you.” The word “heaven” in the Greek is the abode of Father. We are the abode of Father. When the realm of spirit flows from spirit to our awareness as the Living Word says, it is already settled with Father on the inside of us. That is like Job saying that his help is within (see Job 6:13). Let’s say it another way: “My help is my awareness of Father. My help is my consciousness of the ‘Is realm’ of Father.” If it is already settled in heaven and heaven is the realm of spirit, including the spirit in me, then it is already settled. Regardless of whether we see it in the appearance realm, it is already settled. We have everything we need to grow and mature. We see then that we have received it in our spirit and soul already.


           When we come to know these things, then we can see that we have received with meekness the engrafted word in our soul already (see James 1:21). Everything is in the seed, and we have received the seed in our spirit, and have received it in our soul. The natural progression will be the quickening (awakening) of our mortal bodies because truly our bodies are already whole and perfect. When the embryo that has received the seed goes into the womb of the mother, everything that child is going to be is in that embryo and in the seed; and she received it in meekness. At the receiving point there is a great flash of light seen; we believe that is the time of the impartation of the Breath of Father. All that must happen is development. What more could Father do? He has given us everything, including His Holy Breath Life.


           He has already given everything to us; so therefore, He cannot withhold anything. It is already settled in us, and we establish it in the earth. We do not do it by trying to get Father to do something or by invoking a higher power to overcome a lesser power. We cannot invoke Father’s power. He is power, and all we need to do is recognize the “Is” realm of God. The preaching of the of the Truth of the Living Word, is the power of God. We already have the power of Father. Father in us is that power. What we do is rest in Him and let the power of Father flow. However, what the members of the Western Christian Evangelical Community constantly does is ask Him for something they already have. That is being double-minded.




           Be willing to receive Father’s awareness on His level. Learn to be still, calm, quiet, and receptive. No matter what (seen) problem you may be facing, the key is to be listening in the higher level of consciousness where there is no lack, no limitation, no sickness or poverty. In perfect contact with Father, you cannot be sick. The real you has never been sick a day in your life. Jesus said it very clearly, “Take no thought for your life…” (see Matt. 6:25-34). The majority of Christendom today is taking thought, and because of that they are worried about their bills, their health, and their future. If we are worried about how we are going to pay our bills, we can be blessed with money one day and lose it the next. That is sowing to the flesh. When you raise your awareness to the “Is” realm, you just know Father is; and then out of that dimension will flow unlimited resources. Others, as well as ourselves, are realizing more and more that it is not about things; and we are beginning to experience this in many areas of our lives. Do we think we ought to be poor and barely making it? Absolutely not! You will find the richest people in the stories of the Bible. Life and life more abundantly will manifest as we seek Him and not things. As David said, “One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in [as] the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord” (Ps. 27:4). You are the house of Father, and you are to let what is within you to flow out of your very being. We must put on the mind of contact, which we already have; and to put the mind of contact is simply bringing the thoughts of Father to our awareness.


           Therefore, we say along with Jesus, “Take no thought.” The Church has thought that she was to tell Father how to do it. Isaiah chapter 40 says, “Who are we to council God?” We tell Him how to do it, and when to do it. If it is not done the way we think it should be, then we bind, rebuke, and order Father to do it our way. “These things I have written are foolishness unto men, but they are the wisdom of God. Paul said, “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things” (1 Cor. 13:11 NKJV). There is a progression, a growing and coming up in our awareness. The only thing that we can do is labor in the Living Word, to enter into rest. You will finally get to the place where it is not a sacrifice or labor, but it is a want to and a desire. You want to meditate upon the Father and behold His beauty. You want to experience consciously the realization of the omnipresence of Father; He is the law of your being, contact with Father is your life, and there is only one power. That which appears to be a temporal power is nothing at all. Jesus took care of all false powers, once and for all (the Law of Moses, and any other “do to be” dead works).


           For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the spiritual awareness is higher than the earthly awareness, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9). [Italics ours]


           We are not hu-man today. We are no longer cast down in our awareness, but we live in and as the heavenly people we are. We are Spirit in union with His Spirit. We are in contact with Father people, just as Jesus is; but we must stay in contact. Jesus never left his original birth state, of being in contact with Father, which is the true meaning of, “the only begotten son of Father). We can have Fathers thoughts and know His ways. They are Most Holy Place thoughts and ways, and they abide in us. We are forgetting about “things” by going after Him. The truth is we have all the things we need, but they do not satisfy the longing in our soul—only He can satisfy our soul.


           There is a way and a place in God, when the things that are vital to sustaining our life just come automatically. Not only automatically, but you never lose them. Money and friendships can be lost. However, when the awareness of  Father rises up in a person and things begin to manifest out of that dimension, there is no limitation or losing those things. It is because Father our Life manifests as those things. People might not think there is much difference in that, but there is a whole lot of difference between you getting “things” or Father in you manifesting those things as Himself. If they are manifested as Him, they will be permanent. The “Is” realm is the dimension of infinity, eternality, and unlimited supply.


           Father is revealing Himself to humankind today, and always. What He says will always be about what Jesus revealed, and it will always exalt Father in mankind. What Father does will always be to lift up higher our awareness of what our Greatest Comforter Messenger,  Jesus taught and revealed. Colossians 3:4 states, “When contact with our Divine Mind (Father) is our life, shall appear to us, then shall we also appear with in all our eternal glory.” [Paraphrased] The words “who” and “is” are not in the original text. Paul was not talking about man going up directionally, but experiencing it dimensionally. He is writing about a people who experience the manifestation of who Father is. When humankind experiences the manifestation of who Father is, then He comes into the realms of our eternal and always health, finances, thoughts, and social lives. Jesus paid a tremendous price by entering to the judgment of the Hebrew leaders that we might know Him, and that we might experience everything that Adam’ the first race of mankind experienced before they partook of the knowledge of good and bad, and self-condemned themselves.


           When Adam’ and the Adam’ woman partook of the tree of the knowledge of good and bad, there was a snake in the allegorical story. The serpent did not rear up its head and start talking to the woman. It is a symbol of the fact that the beast nature rather than the Father nature began to indwell humankind. The word English word “serpent,” came from the Hebrew word “nacash,” meaning to learn from one’s own individual experience. The actions of Adam’ and the woman came out of the imagination realm. Before she reached for the thing the fruit symbolized and before disobedience took place, the Adam woman imagined that they could do something to be like Father, when they already were like Father. There was a whisper or a thought that came out of the imagination realm.




           We are told in Second Corinthians 10:5 that we are to be “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of our Divine Mind.” [Paraphrased] The word “casting” is in the present progressive tense. So, we are to be constantly casting down any of these things and bringing them into captivity as we bring them unto the obedience (obey, is damah, meaning to “listen with intelligence,” to or of what Father says, and what Jesus, Paul and other Comforter Messengers teach concerning the Living Word of Truth. In other words, we are to realize that Jesus wore the crown of thorns (confusion), so we no longer have cursed thinking; rather, we can put on the mind of contact which we have. 1 John 2:20, states, “But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things.” KJV The word “unction,” is contact, and the “Holy One,” symbolizes our Divine Mind.” So, we can say it this way, “We have contact with our Divine Mind, and we know all the logos.” Knowing the true Logos, also includes all knowledge and understanding to be masters (dominion) of this planet, it’s systems and inhabitants.


           Adam’ and the woman did not do that; they did not cast down vain imaginations. The events that happened with them came out of something that was imagined, the imagination realm. They imagined in their individual awareness that they could do something and become like Father. The fact of the matter is that they were already like Him; they did not have to do anything. All that was required was to believe and know that they were already in His image and after His likeness. The majority of people who believe in Father, have done the same thing. Remember, the Creation story is something we need to see allegorically; not just physical. The other than physical (spiritual) meaning of the  Word is what will bring great spiritual maturity to us all.


           In Second Chronicles 32:7-8, we find an army came against the armies of Israel. This army outnumbered them, and they had tremendous weaponry. Hezekiah’s men came to him and said, “They out number us; and they have weapons we do not have. We are going to be slaughtered.” Hezekiah called the enemies an “arm of flesh.” People get so alarmed about witchcraft. However, what we must realize is that witchcraft is no different from the rest of the works of the flesh listed in the book of Galatians. It has absolutely no power whatsoever. People merely give it a power by thinking and believing that it does have a power.


           Jesus, the one who stayed in contact with his Divine Mind got rid of every power that dealt with the carnal awareness’s, everything a “devil” represented, which was the source of it all, including the Mosaic Law. Jesus got rid of it by drawing into himself all the confusion mankind had, and in him being murdered, there took place the crucifying and obliterating it. He destroyed it and got it completely out of the way. Today man’s problems are just an arm of the flesh—just vain imaginations that need to be cast down by listening with intelligence to Fathers voice speaking to their thoughts, and many Comforter Messengers who are equipped to explain the Living Word of Truth; agreeing with what they teach, and what Father has said from the foundation.


           Sometimes an event occurs that hurts or offends a person. The hurt can only continue as it is replayed in the person’s imagination. We are not saying that these things do not exist or that it is just in their awareness.


           Of course, sickness can be in some people’s awareness. However, for the most part, cancer, diabetes, heart trouble, and other diseases really exist in the realm of flesh. Doctors call those things powers, but Isaiah called them a nonpower, and Jesus saw them the same way. All those things were stripped of their power more than two thousand years ago, “by His stripes we are healed” (Isa. 53:5 NKJV). Nevertheless, in regard to offenses, if someone does hurt a person or offend them, it comes out of the realm of imagination. The person offended did not imagine that hurt or offense, but it certainly is in the realm of imagination. What is going to happen if that person adds their imagination to that? There will be fuel added to that fire, and the fuel will keep that hurt or offense going in the one who was offended.


           What gets rid of the imagination? It is when we submit those imaginations and evil reports to the agree with what Father said from the foundation, and the Truth of the Living Word. Getting on the right diet concerning what Jesus did, how He identified with all of humanity, and how that took place. That revelation will allow “the thing Jesus taught” to work in us by Father’s Divine Mind in us. If we say, “We are scared of a devil,” what are we doing? We add fuel to that false nonpower. We say this carefully because we know we have lived out of the Outer Court and Holy Place mentality, fighting what we thought to be demons and devils, and casting those things out; and it seemed to work to a certain degree. Now, in the Most Holy Place, we deal with those things differently. If someone expects a devil, then many times that is what the person experiences. Always remember—as a person thinks in his or her heart, so that person will be in their experience (see Prov. 23:7). The English word “devil,” was wrongly  translated from two Greek words; diabolos and damion. Diabolos, translates as “traduce or hinder,” which are actions done by people who hinder others. Damion, translates as “a supernatural spirit, of a bad character.” Mankind is supernatural, which means other than just physical. When a person embraces the teachings of all manmade religions (religiosity), they live out of a mistaken identity; hence, “a bad character. What the Church has taught to be a devil does not live in our world, we do not have to deal with that perceived entity because it is NOT… and never was.


           The book of Revelation tells us that “satan” (the works of Adam’ from the beginning and the carnal awareness’s) has been cast to the earth or the bottomless pit. That has to do with what Jesus did at Calvary. We find in one place that Paul told Timothy in First Timothy 3:11, concerning the women who were wives of the deacons, that they were not to be slanderers. Again, the word “slanderers, traducers and hinderers” are the word diabolos in the Greek—and the word used for “devil.”


           People who function out of a carnal mindsets function as a devil-traducer-hinderer to Father’s intended purpose. Jesus called Peter a traducer or hinderer because he was functioning out of a carnal mindset when he told Jesus that He would not go to the cross, but that He was going to stay with them. Peter was being a hindrance to Jesus’ purpose. According to the Strong’s reference, and Catholic Religions input, an another meaning for the word diabolos is “the arch enemy of God.” The word “arch” infers first in rank, and who would that be? It the first made man laws of “doing to be” dead works of righteousness. The first in rank among men, was the original teachers of the knowledge of good and bad, and they were the first traducer or hinderer of God’s purpose for man to manifest LIFE. Adam’ (first race of man) embraced the Great lie of separation Father as the prince of the earth. How could that have happened to the first race of man?


           Adam’ (first race) was given that rulership in the beginning and then lost it in their awareness – they said, “I exist naked,” meaning they thought they lost their Zoe Life. Father did not turn the rulership of planet Earth over to an entity called “the devil” that wipes out humankind every time they turn around—it was in a sense death in the awareness of everyone who embraced the teachings of religiosity.


           What is shared in this chapter will help open your understanding a little bit more about some of these things. We say this again: the carnal mindsets do not live in our world. Are we tempted? We are, but the carnal mindset is not a reality to us. A “devil” or sickness is not a reality to us, even though sickness and disease presents to us, we still do not bow down and give it a power; we do night deny it but we also do not give it a right to take us out. Do we have those thoughts? Yes we do, but we deal with them by bringing every thought into the obedience of our Divine Mind (Father). Through the Spirit and through the teaching of His Truthful Word, Father wants to bring us to the place where our individual consciousness does not see these things as real. Sickness and poverty in the various realms of life may exist, but are not real as Father calls real. There is only one power.


In Isaiah 40:17, Isaiah uses the word “nations,” and it represents imaginations and condemnations that He says are nothing, even less than nothing.


           All nations before him are as nothing; and they are counted to him less than nothing and vanity (Isaiah 40:17).


For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away (1 Peter 1:24).


           Therefore, temporal power is the realm of flesh. A moth or worm could eat it up according to Isaiah. There is only one power realm—the power of Father. We must recognize that everything has been stripped from all of those things that appear to be a power, except God. Father is the only real power.




           It is important to understand what we are saying by the Spirit. The natural man receives not the things of the Spirit; they are foolishness to him. We thank Father for every awareness realm we have passed through and are thankful we never became stuck in any of them. He has brought many of us full circle, spiritually speaking. There was a time in the Outer Court mentality when we would go to Father, petition Him, and ask Him for physical things. Then there was a time when we experienced what is commonly called being “Spirit-filled,” and we thought we were supermen in the earth and went around commanding God. We did that because we read Isaiah 45:11, “Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.” The word “command” means “agree with me,” not “command me.” Therefore, we were going around commanding things because we thought it was our right to do so. The (Roy) pastor of my youth, told us, “We had the right to demand of God.” I always was uncomfortable with what he said.


           We have absolutely no right to command or demand life because every right that is ours, we already have. Why go around demanding and commanding something in our lives that we already have?


           We do not have to say, “That’s my right,” or command this or that to manifest when it is already ours. That is not faith in Fathers faith. We already are the righteousness of Father. Now that worked to a degree when we were babies, but now we are more mature. We do not want to stay as infants and toddlers. First we were infants, then toddlers in Father; no more. We do not look down on those who are still in those spiritual maturity levels; we just gently feed them the Living Word, as they can take It.


           Then when it came to what we believed to be “receiving the gifting of Father’s Holy Spirit,” we became teenagers in Father; we thought we knew everything. We were going around commanding and demanding things from Him, and binding enemies and problems in our lives and in the lives of others. Then we realized by Father’s Holy Breath in us that there was a higher realm of maturity, and we experienced the Most Holy understanding. When we come to the revelation of the Most Holy, we no longer petition Father for natural things.


           In the past, we taught on the various kinds of prayer. We prayed the prayer of petition in the Outer Court; we asked Father for things. Most of the Church world is still there; they have this microwave mentality: “God give it to me now; I demand it now.” We are not putting those people down. We were there, and Father honors where we are. Have you ever wondered why when you become more mature in your awareness that your prayers do not seem to be answered as quickly as when you were a babe or dead to the knowledge that you had contact with your Divine Mind in your understanding? The reason is, you were a babe, and Father met you where you were. In the Holy Place, you had more understanding, and you were commanding because you read certain Scriptures that seemed to say you could. That was okay because Father honored you when you were a baby. He knows His children will mess up when they are babies and little children.


           Then we experience the Most Holy, and in the Most Holy, our prayers change. We begin to thank Father and know Him for what He has already done. In the Most Holy Place, we receive the revelation of the “Is-ness” of Father. We will explain that statement later in our writing; but suffice it to say, Father is healing, health, strength, finances, and all we have need of in the outer realm. There was a time when Israel received their sustenance from Egypt (a type of the carnal worldly ways). Then when Moses led them out of Egypt, he asks Father who he should tell them sent him. Father said, “Tell them I Exist that I Exist sent you” (see Exod. 3:14). “I Exist” means the self-existent One who becomes. From that point on, Father became whatever the children of Israel daily required for Life. He manifested as their food, their water, and whatever they needed.





           So, instead of seeking Him for things, we seek first the Kingdom of Father and His righteousness, and all things are added or unfolded as Him. Therefore, it is coming to the revelation of the “Is” realm. In the Strong’s Concordance, you can look up the word “ask” and see in the Greek that there is a progression; it means to “ascertain, seek and desire to know a thing and it will be revealed to you.”   Luke 11:9 says, “Ask and it shall be revealed to you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.” [Italics – translation] Matthew chapter 6 says we are to take no thought for food, drink, or clothing. When we know the omnipresence of Father and that He is the law of our being, and that contact with Father is our life, then our awareness is raised. The result will be that we do not have to take thought because it will be added. Just like a seed that is planted in the ground. It does not struggle and fight to grow. The seed draws out of the soil in which it is planted. After we plant a seed, we expect it to grow. Sometimes, even if we do not tend to it, it grows anyway. There is no contradiction in the Living Word of Father, but there are different levels of maturity; and the Word works differently in people who are at various levels.


           Father realizes that as people grow they see Scripture at different levels of maturity in each realm. When a person finally grows up and experiences the Most Holy Place, they finally enter into the rest of Father. Then it is just “be still, quiet and calm, and know that I am your Father.” That is not denying things or being passive in your life, but it is meditating on One Being and one Power. When a person thinks there is more than one power, then they have to get a greater power to overcome a lesser power.


           Now back to the word “ask,” which means to ask in general; to beg; to call; to crave (Strong’s #154), which was a wrongly used word. Now we are moving into the Most Holy Place a little more, and in that dimension, it means to desire; to require. Then it leads to Strong’s #4441: to question; to ascertain by enquiry as a matter of information merely; thus, different from #2065, which is to request as a favor. In addition, it is different from #154, which is to call forth or to beg. It is different from #2212, which is to search for something, which is hidden because the Living Word is not hidden to those who seek IT.


           We can hear Outer Court, Holy Place, and Holy of Holies in those definitions of “ask.” We are living in this age, in the seventh day from Adam’: “A day with the Lord is a thousand years and a thousand years as a day” (1 Pet. 3:8). It has been six thousand years plus since Adam’ the first race of man. We have entered the seventh day. Father rested on the seventh day after He had finished His work. Seven is the number for maturity, perfection, all being a way of Life.


           The Feast of Tabernacles was in the seventh month (see Lev. 23:34; Num. 29:12) and has to do with a people experiencing the “rest” of God. In this realm, it is “Be still (calm and  quite), and know that I Exist Father” (Ps. 46:10), and out of that stillness the picture will change in the appearance realm. We must be brought to the place where we know that we know that Father does not see poor or rich, sick or healthy. If Father does not see that, then we should not either. What we need to see is that we have never been sick a day in our lives, or broke a day in our lives. All focus has to be on contact with our Divine Mind, which is our life Source Father who is the law of our being, and that there is only one power. We are not to judge anything according to the appearance. “Abstain from all appearance of bad or lack” (1 Thess. 5:22). We also must abstain from everything that appears to be good. There are things that appear to be good that are not always necessarily of Father. In the New Outlook and Perception books, there are two Greek words for “good.” One speaks of an intrinsic good and another refers to an external good. One comes forth from the Spirit; the other comes out of the natural realm.


Let us now look at two particular Scriptures.


           As you read our books, we are sure some of these truths are going to be a little bit challenging. Let us assure you that we are not trying to be controversial or divisive. We want you to experience Father in His totality. It is our desire for you, by His love, to hunger for more intimacy in Him through the truth. That ye may be the Sons and Daughter  of your Father which is in you: for he maketh his sun to rise on the bad and on the good, and sendeth rain (teaching) on the just and on the unjust (Matthew 5:45).


           What we hear in that verse is that if Father would heal one person, He would have to heal every sick person, because He is no respecter of persons. However, the truth of the matter is that He already has healed everyone, and to experience the manifestation a person must have his or her conscious awareness raised to that fact. We were formed whole in our Mothers womb, and we should never lost our wholeness in our body or it’s systems. Father sustains and maintains His universe. He has given everything to all people. All were reconciled at the Cross of Calvary two thousand years ago. Father has done it all for every man, woman, boy, and girl. He has done it all for everyone. If they can receive the truth by the Spirit and have their spiritual eyes opened, then they will experience the manifestation of that which they need in the natural realm.


           All who embraced the teachings of religiosity, fell in their awareness and it affected five realms: spiritually, mentally, socially, physically, and financially in their awareness. Jesus brought to naught the sense of lack that know true knowledge of Father produced in those realms. The only thing that has to happen is that there has to be a people who will receive the truth of that fact and agree with what He has revealed. In Hebrews 11:6, it states, “Without faith in Fathers faith, it is impossible to please* him [God].” The word “please” in the Greek means “agree* or be agreeable*.” We are already pleasing because we are the plural of Father. He is pleased with Jesus, and we are in contact with Father as Jesus is, so He is pleased with us! We do not have to do anything to please Father. Therefore, without faith in Fathers faith, it is impossible to agree with our Father. We are explaining that the rain (teaching) has already fallen on the just and the unjust. But there has to be a people to agree with that fact.


Let us look at another section of Scripture:


Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that Father is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34).


           Jesus said in John 12:32, according to the Message translation, “And I, as I am lifted up from the earth, will attract everyone to me and gather them around me.”


John 12:32, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men into me…” KJV


John 12:32, “Even so, in my messianic redemptive work, will I draw all the confusion of separateness released by a false identity, into myself; when you see and understand my death, you will no longer be confused. When I resurrect from that death hold of carnality that I received into myself, Man will know the eternal love of Father for all people, eternally, with no beginning or ending, from everlasting to everlasting. RERichmond Tree of Life Bible Translations



           The Message Bible translation is close, but they still were affected by the King James version; the word, “men,” as in “I will draw all men into me, was added by the translators. What Jesus drew into himself, was mankind’s false awareness of who they were, and who Father is.


           Every person has an opportunity to experience everything that Jesus exemplified in his life, taught and revealed.. They merely have to agree with what he taught by receiving and drawing out the Divine Mind.

           Do you believe that Father has, would, or is withholding anything from you? Do you believe that Father could give you a particular thing, but at this moment He has chosen not to give it to you? Whether it is healing, finances, or a spouse? Do you believe that He could do anything, but He has chosen not to, at this time? There are many people who come into the latter years of their lives, and they are embittered because Father did not answer their prayers the way they thought He should have. All along, they were not putting the truth of the Word of Father within them. They were putting tradition, legalism, and all kinds of things in their prayer content. They were not really putting something substantial in their lives that would be unlimited and continuous within their lives.


           Do you believe that you can do certain things or not do certain things and influence Father? It could be called bribing or coercing. Some think that they can influence Father or change His thoughts toward them by praying all night or by doing certain works. If He impresses you to talk with Him all night, then do it; but it is not to get Him to do something. Some think they can light candles, pay tithes, or give other things to cause Father to move on their behalf. They think if they do enough, that one day they will influence Him enough to change His mind about their condition. Of course, you need to give to support the ministry that feeds you with the Truthful Word, and if you attend a group, support the expenses;  so, we should listen and be obedient in those matters. However, we do not do those things to influence Father concerning what we want to take place in our life. In the book of James, it says that obedience flows out of a person’s life as His Word instructs us to do or not do certain things. It states that it will purify our thoughts. The instructions followed are not to influence Father, they are to change our conscious awareness and to bring about purification of thought and beliefs within our lives.


           When the rain (teaching) fell on those who lived out of their Holy Breath and those who did  not; and we understand when that happened, then we will know that Father is not a respecter of persons. The rain (truthful teaching) feel on all people through most of the Old Outlook and Perception times, by the Prophets. Of course, most of the bible translations wrongly translated much of what they said and penned. Also, when Jesus showed up, what he taught was the rain (teaching) falling on all who heard – all were “just” in Father’s eyes; but not all lived as “just,” meaning out of their Holy Breath.


           What happens then is that the “teaching of the Living Word” swallows up all of the biases and prejudices. Then, we do not look at people who go through hard things and think, “What did they do to deserve that?” We will not even look at ourselves in that way when we find out the rain already fell on all people and continues to. Once we come to know and see these facts, then we will look at ourselves and others with the agape, meaning the without a cause love of Father. We will realize that all that is needed is to have our awareness raised to the fact that Father has already given us all things. He has held back from no one.


           Let us look at some other thoughts of humankind trying to influence Father. For example, the sun, moon, and stars move within the orbit of Father in certain set times. The tides come in and out on a scheduled set time. All of the seasons come the same time every year. Do we think for one minute, that if we prayed hard enough and long enough, that we could stop the schedule that Father has set for all these seasons and orbits? Try as you may, but you will end up with no success and most likely destroy yourself in so doing. Father has certain laws that no person can influence. The only thing that He wants out of humankind is for us to simply believe that He is, and that He is the law of our being. He wants us to know there is only One Power, and that Power is Him in us and everyone else.


           Therefore, in addition to learning important aspects of spiritual Source, we have also examined seven points, summarized here: The new life is lived by grace. God’s grace operates because of Father not because of what humankind can do in the natural or not do in the natural.


           We need to release Father from the obligation of owing us something, giving us something, or even withholding something from us.


           Father is forever uttering His voice, and anyone can tune in to that frequency and can hear His voice.


           Father’s Divine Mind is universally operative. We are never outside of Father’s spiritual universe, kingdom, or Breath.


           We must abide in the conscious realization of oneness, omnipresence and know that  Father is the law of our being, contact with our Divine Mind is our life, and there is only one power. We can be so aware of these facts, so much so that we desire them more than physical food.


           Be willing to receive and experience Father Breath, understanding, and knowledge on His level. Be willing to move with the cloud or the pillar of fire (Teachers of the Living Word). Be willing to be open to innovative truth or present truth. Everyone can hear these things, but not everyone is hearing the things of the Most Holy Place realm or are willing. Father told Daniel that knowledge would increase. It is increasing in the natural, but it is increasing light-years faster on the spiritual level. Are we willing to allow Him to increase our knowledge beyond what man-made religion and traditions have taught us? The revelation revealed by Jesus needs to increase on the spiritual level much more than the knowledge we are seeing increase in the natural. It is not about the natural realm; it is about the spiritual realm.


           Father is saying a whole lot to a people who are abiding in their Divine Mind. We are not seeking or invoking Father for His power, but being embraced by His power, His rest, and His peace. Out of rest everything will flow. The fact is we have no need because we have all things. We do not use Father’s power; It uses us. We are wall-to-wall Holy Breath—Father is in us, through us, and as us. Our Holy Breath is the initiator, and the awareness is the projector. The awareness can project out of the negative (human) imagination realm or out of the spirit. We choose life! We chose to live, move, and have our being in Him as Him; and for Him to live, move, and have His being in us, through us, and as us. We have good food to eat—it is the bread and wine of the trueful Gospel or as Jesus said, “The not-concealed Word will make you free.” We no longer have to eat the food of mixture. We no longer have to eat of the true message with dross in it or have our joy tainted with religious semen.

“Thy silver [redemption] is become dross [religious mixture], thy wine [joy] mixed with water” [urine and semen] (Isa. 1:22).


           We have Comforter Messengers on the scene today who can grind the Word out and make it palatable. They are equipped and willing and able to “grind out the Living Word, and make it understandable. All we need to do is show up and eat what is in their hands.


[1] 1 John 2:20 KJV – But you have an unction (contact) with the Holy One (Divine Mind/Father) and you know all the logos, which is the source of all knowledge.

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