The Spiritual Code & Symbolism of the Living Word

A Son of God

Chapter 2

Jesus is referred to as Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ. He was a first-century Jewish Comforter Messenger and a teacher. He is the central figure of Western Evangelical Christianity. Most Christians believe he is the incarnation of God as the only begotten Son and the awaited Messiah (the Christ). Even though Jesus appeared to the Jews and taught them, they continued to believe Jesus was coming back some day in their future to “judge the world,” and “rapture the believers,” from the planet. We will not deal with those subjects at this time. We have extensively explained those subjects in our books on “No Penal Substitution,” and in my book, “Simple Answers to what Seem to be Difficult Questions.”

It is well known, according to biblical history, Jesus was born in Bethlehem, a town about six miles south of Jerusalem, toward the end of Herod the Great’s reign as king of the Jews. Early in his life, Jesus was taken to Nazareth, a town of Galilee. There he was brought up by his Mother, Mary, and her husband, Joseph, who was a carpenter by trade. According to the translation of Scripture, “Jesus was born of “the virgin,” Mary, and was the “only begotten Son.” Both are sacred cows that many teachers and preachers are not willing to touch.


When we examine verses, which use the word “begotten,” as Jesus being the “only begotten Son,” we must be aware that we are all birthed and created from the exact same substance as our Father. Thus, it would be vital for us to discover the true meaning of the Greek word, which was translated as “begotten”. The Greek word for the phrase, “Only begotten,” is the Greek number 3441. It is “monos” and “menos”, meaning “to remain in a given state of being”. Subsequently, we can see the intended meaning. It means that Jesus was the only person during the time and area in which he was born, to continue to live in the same state of being as he was when he was born, which was an upright and holy Son of God. All people are born in this same state of being. However, they do not remain there. Jesus never left his awareness of His full union with the Mind of Father. What is it that causes a person to leave their state of being as an upright holy Son of God? This happens when people are exposed to the many teachings of religiosity, which produce a strong sense of separateness from Father (the mentality of being naked – “a sinner, or sinner saved by grace”). Please refer to the Introduction and my translation of Matthew 13:13-15.

The disciples were also affected by religiosity to the point that what they believed totally kept them from understanding the words and sayings of Jesus. It was just as Jesus said, “They could not bear what he taught them”, or better said, “They let the things He said slip between their fingers. They could not hold onto, or handle, the truths he shared.” I find it interesting that, according to the King James Version, after he tells the people (crowd) they could not hear, see, or speak of the Truth, because they were bound and held back by religiosity, he said to them in verse 16, “But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.” KJV


If verse 16 is what Jesus really said, then why couldn’t the disciples understand his parables and the truths he shared with them? It was not that they could not understand. It was because they willingly chose not to understand. Why? It was because of their religiously infected conscious awareness and because of what they “thought” he came to do. My translation of verse 16, is, “Concerning moreover, happy and well off is the eye that will see, and the ears therefore that will hear.” You can see in those verses how the translators changed Jesus’ words. They even used the phrase, “should be converted,” in verse 15, when it was the Greek word epistrepho (ep-ee-stref’-o), meaning to revert or turnaround from their religious beliefs and see and hear the Truth.

Jesus or Paul never made mention of a Virgin Birth


The entire Christian belief of the virgin birth is found only in the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke. Both were probably written in the period AD 80-100. The Gospel of John and Mark never spoke of Jesus’ birth being from a Virgin. There is a question that begs to be asked and needs to be answered. Considering the truth concerning “No Penal Substitution,” we know man was never naked, nor did they lose their oneness/union with Father. Then why would Jesus’ birth have to be through another avenue rather than from Father’s created Man (no gender implied)? Why would he have to be cut off from that and born from a virgin? I am aware this is an excessively big “sacred cow” to many, but it is vital to understand that the majority of Scripture was mis-translated to enforce the idea that Father needed to be appeased because mankind became a “sinner”.


There are two Hebrew words and one Greek word, translated as “virgin.” The first Hebrew word is, bethuwlah (beth-oo-law’), meaning to separate, and then Mr. Strong’s added, a virgin (as in separated from her privacy). As I translate, I only use the actual meanings and then if there is a reference to a root Hebrew or Greek word, I search out the meaning. Some verses use the phrase, “neither had any man known her,” which means, “to see her or acknowledge her.” This statement is not alluding to sexual intercourse, as many think the phrase, “Known her” means.

Isaiah 7:14 is the first instance of a prophecy concerning a child to be born. This instance is prophecy is by Ahaz. He said “a virgin shall conceive…” The word for “virgin” in this verse is, OT:5959, alah (al-maw’) meaning “a lass.”  It comes from OT:5958, which means, “something kept out of sight,” not necessarily a virgin, which is a woman who has never had intercourse. Here is what we need to understand. Western Evangelical Christianity proposes that Isaiah is doing the talking for Father here in this passage. Verse 13 is supposed to be a prophecy of Jesus’ “immaculate conception and birth,” which means he would not have the same DNA of any man before him. Those who advocate for “Penal Substitution,” use this as the basis for their belief of “Original Sin,” and Father needing appeasement for man’s sin.


What I have found interesting in Isaiah chapter 7 is, many writers and preachers give credit to Isaiah for “prophesying,” verse 14, when it was not him; it was Ahaz. In verse 10, we find, “The Lord spoke to Ahaz, and then verse 11, “the Lord said, ask…” In verse 12, “Ahaz said, I will not ask…” Verse 13, he, Ahaz spoke to the house of David, which was the crowd of fearful men, to whom he was talking. Verse 14, Ahaz prophesied, “Therefore (since you are afraid, you’re not going to win the battle), the Lord will give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall  conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.”

Then verse 15-17 makes some odd statements. Isaiah 7:15 “Butter and honey shall he eat, that he may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good. 16 For before the child shall know to refuse the evil, and choose the good, the land that thou abhorrest shall be forsaken of both her kings. 17 The Lord shall bring upon thee, and upon thy people, and upon thy father's house, days that have not come from the day that Ephraim departed from Judah, even the king of Assyria.” KJV


A personal acquaintance of mine is Rabbi Abby Jacobson, in Oklahoma City, OK. She explained this story from Isaiah 7:1-17, and I wholly agree with her. Ahaz assumed the throne of Judah at the age of 20 or 25. Ahaz presented himself as a great landowner to the Assyrian king. In this story, he was the King of Judah.

Rabbi Abby said, during this time, what Ahaz was doing, is reinforcing the statements of assurance of winning the war, by saying, “There is a young lass in our midst who is pregnant. She is a sign to you because she is going to have a son, and his name shall be, God is for us.” Ahaz continues in verse 15-17 with the words we wrote earlier, and what they mean according to Rabbi Abby, is, “Before this child can learn right from wrong, the war will be over and have been won.” If you read all the verses together (1-16) the story confirms all Rabbi Abby explained to me.

There are 26 verses in the Historical Books of the Bible that use the English word “virgin,” and all of them mean, “a lass,” “a damsel,” “separate” and “kept apart,” or “kept out of sight.” Not one has anything to do with having never experienced sexual intercourse.

In the old testament, which is really an old disposition or old outlook, there is only one Hebrew word translated as virgin. It is “alah”, which means “lass, damsel, kept apart and separate.” It was wrongly translated to the English word, “Virgin.”

In the “new outlook and disposition,” we find the word “virgin” used in seven different verses. Mathew 1:23; Luke 1:27, 1st Corinthians 7:28; 34; 36; 37 and 2nd Corinthians 11:2. Only in Matthew and Luke did the translators use the word “virgin” when referring to Mary, the mother of Jesus. In every instance, the Greek word is, parthenos (par-then’-os), which is from an unknown origin, meaning “a maiden”. Again, it has nothing whatsoever to do with whether she ever experienced sexual intercourse.


I find an interesting fact in Matthew verse 22. He says, “Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet saying… 23 Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they (the people) shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.” Matthew was doing the same thing people do today. He took a story in history and projected it in error into the day in which he lived. He wrongly used Isaiah 7:14 as if it were about Jesus, when Ahaz was speaking of a young lass who was pregnant during the day in which Ahaz lived.  Ahaz said, “The Lord himself shall give you a sign.” To whom was the sign given? It was given to the house of David, who was standing around him. It was a sign concerning the battle, which they were worried about winning.

Earlier, as recorded in verse 17, Matthew started his narrative of what took place after he went through all the generations of Jesus and the subsequent genealogies down to Joseph, and then Jesus.


Matthew was quoting from Isaiah 7:14, which was not spoken by a Prophet, especially not Isaiah. The Messenger of the Lord was telling Joseph that the child in Mary was procreated by Father, just as every one of us was procreated by Father in our Mother’s womb. Isaiah 7:14 is not about a virgin birth. That is a mistranslation. Matthew was writing in Greek, so he quoted the Hebrew writing of Isaiah 7:14, using it to match his own virgin-birth description regarding Jesus. As it happens, Matthew almost certainly knew that the two texts did not match the Greek language. He would not have cared. His focus was on making the meaning of what Isaiah said to apply to another new context, not what it meant in its original context. This is why Matthew did not care about other material mismatches between his writings and the texts he quoted from Isaiah. For instance, the child born in Isaiah’s writings was named Emmanuel, not Jesus, as the Messenger instructed Joseph to call the child. This kind of vagueness was common in writings during early Christianity and Judaism.

Matthew continued the story. The Messenger told Joseph in a dream to not be afraid to become Mary’s husband; for the child in her had an anointing on his life from Father, and he was instructed to call his name Jesus, for he would rescue (save) the Jews, from sin (singular), which was their mistaken identity. 

Luke gives an account of his memories in the first chapter and writes concerning the man Gabriel, who was sent by Father to give instruction to a maiden given (espoused) to Joseph from the house of David. The maiden’s name was Mary. He told Mary she was going to conceive a child and to name him Jesus.

So, we have two different versions of the story, between Luke and Matthew. Luke is telling of a dream that Joseph experienced, not a dream that he himself had. I wonder when Joseph told Matthew and Luke this story? Jesus never spoke of his birth as though it was a “virgin” birth.


The verses in 1st and 2nd Corinthians, which use the word “virgin,” are Paul’s instructions toward other maidens concerning various questions the Community of believers were asking him.


Here is my reason for revealing these facts. We established the truth that there was no need for Father to be appeased by man for any wrongdoing.  Father clearly spoke that we are in the same position of rest with him today as man was at the foundation of the world. Since that is true, then why would Mary have to be a virgin, for Jesus to be born? Why would he be born excluding the seed of a man, when the entire race of mankind has been birthed from the seed of a man and woman? Why would Matthew list all the generations showing the genealogy of Jesus by going all the way back to David through Joseph? Verse 17 of Matthew chapter 1 lists all the generations of Jesus. There are fourteen generations in each of the three sections listed. Here are my thoughts concerning this subject.  There are fourteen generations from Jesus to David. This shows his birth was not a situation of him being born separate from all mankind, as though he was a brand-new created being who was different from all the rest. There was no “original sin,” passed on in mankind’s DNA. Luke 3 lists Jesus’ genealogy as well going all the way back to Adam, stating, “Adam was a son of God.” Luke 3:23-38.


John 1:13 states, “We were not born of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” So, our birth was of the same kind of birth Jesus had. All mankind, as well as Jesus, is “of Father, or from Father.” We are born in that state.  We do not have to say a certain prayer, ask Him to come in, or anything. Father is in us from our birth, just as he was in Jesus. Every child who is born from a woman is the fruit of an immaculate conception. The meaning of the word, “Immaculate,” is impeccable, perfect, pristine, flawless, and spotless. Our Creator Father formed us and knew us from the foundation of the world and covered us (joined us together as Father) in our mother’s womb.[1]

Earlier, we explained the phrase, “only begotten, as one who continues in the same supernatural state in which they were born, holy, upright and fully attuned to the Mind of our Creator Father. Prior to Jesus’ time, everyone was born a Son of God, but not all continued in the same status or placement in which they were born as a Son of God.  


There are 48 references in Scripture to the phrase, “Son of God.” The only Hebrew reference is in Daniel 3:24, which is the story of the three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace. Nebuchadnezzar looked in the furnace after the three boys were thrown in the furnace, and he was astonished, for he saw four men loose and walking in the midst of the fire, and the fourth was “like a Son of God.” That is the OT:1247 bar (bar) a son. I know most teachers of the Bible believe the fourth man in the fire was Jesus. There are many references in history books from the Middle East that state Daniel (a Son of God) was the fourth man in the fire, and then he was translated away, like Philip was after he ministered to the eunuch. Currently, I am unsure about that suggestion. However, Daniel was a Son of God, just as we are a Son of God, and Daniel functioned supernaturally during many instances in his life.

The remaining references are all in the books of the New outlook (New Testament) and they are number NT:5207 huios (hwee-os’), meaning “a son.” In Matthew 8:29 they added the name Jesus; the statement was “a son of God.” Jesus was in the story, but the point I want to make is that Jesus was not the only Son of God, as the translators tried to make us think. The remaining 47 verses using “Son of God,” should have used “a Son of God.” In Matthew 26:63 the Jews demanded Jesus to tell them if he was “a Son of God.” Matthew 27:27, “If you be a Son of God, come down from the cross.” Matthew 27:43, “He trust in God; let God deliver him now, if He will have him: for he said, I am a Son of God.” In Matthew 27:54 and Mark 15:38 the Centurions said, “Truly this was a Son of God.”

Repeatedly the translators added “the,” in front of “Son of God” to prevent us from knowing all people are also, “a Son of or Daughter of God.”

Mark 1, “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, a Son of God.” Mark 3:11, “thou art a Son of God.” There are many more places, which we could reference all the way to Revelation 2:18.


The last verse I want to show you is Acts 8:37, where Philip is sharing with the Eunuch. The Eunuch was sitting in his chariot and reading from Esaias the prophet. The Voice of Spirit spoke in Philip’s thoughts to go near and get close to the chariot. Philip obeyed the instructions and ran to him and heard him reading. He said to the Eunuch, “Do you understand what you are reading? The Eunuch responded, “How can I, except some man should guide me? He asked Philip to get in the chariot and sit with him. Philip explained the Scripture he was reading and then told him about Jesus’ teachings. The Eunuch embraced what he was taught and as they rode for a while, they came to some water; and the Eunuch said, “See, here is water; what hinders me from being baptized (immersed in my awareness of me being a Son of God)?

Philip did not say anything that was written in verse 37, it was all added by the translators. Every word has a numerical number 9999, which means it was added by the translators.


We discover what really happened in verse 38. Phillip did not tell him he had to believe and confess Jesus as Son of God. They jumped out of the chariot, and the Eunuch immersed himself in the water, without ever saying “a sinner’s prayer.”

Oh, how we have been vexed by the concealed and hidden word of God. This has been done by religiosity. We have eternally been “a Son of God,” and a many-membered body – as One.


“Therefore, Jesus never came to “save the world,” because man never needed to be saved from our eternally loving Father. He came to rescue the Jews, and all people, from their Laws and their mistaken identity, which was passed on by the first man, and wrongly received by many. Jesus’ mandate, mission and ministry, was to steer the Jews back to Father, and away from the laws that bound them and held them back from being everything they were created to do and be.”

Stacie Rae



In Scripture, where it states, “Death passed on to all men,” it is referring to the death and the mistaken identity that came from people repeatedly feeding on teachers who taught the knowledge of good and evil. The death was not in man’s DNA, but since they had no awareness of this, it affected man’s DNA and character, even though they continued to be a Son of God; upright, holy, and perfect. One of the true meanings of the word devil, that was used in the Gospels and Epistles of the Bible, was daimon (dah’-ee-mown). It was used when people brought the sick and mentally ill people to Jesus to be healed. The meaning of the Greek word “daimon” is “a supernatural spirit of a bad character.” Since mankind is Spirit (Holy Breath) and in the past they fed and continue to feed on teachers of the knowledge of good and evil; they lowered themselves down to living AS carnal, and that produced a bad character. If we, with our supernatural Spirit, live AS carnal, then our true character digresses as we feed on and agree with the lie that we are “separate” from our Father/Creator.

When the children of Israel were released from Babylon, to go back and rebuild their temple, the Levitical priesthood could not prove their linage, because the Babylonians burned all their records when they destroyed the temple and surrounding city. Scripture states, since the Levites could not prove their lineage, “They were considered AS polluted.” They were not polluted, but only considered AS polluted. Once a Priest could stand up, with some light on perfection, the Levites were considered Holy, and they resumed the role of the Priesthood, which they were born to be. Only then could they serve as a priest. In the same manner, for thousands of years, people have been considered polluted, (sinners or sinners saved by grace) because a minister (priest) did not stand up and explain the truth of the Word, which would cause the hearers to stand up as One Man – a Son of God.

In the historical books of the Bible, there was a man named Ezra, who stood up in the midst of the people, opened the Pentateuch and read it in a way where it made sense, and it caused all the people to stand up as One Man. That my Brother or Sister, is my mandate, mission, and ministry. Once you complete reading this book, my sincere desire for you is that you boldly stand up and declare, “I am a Son of God. I am not who they told me I was!”

Father did not give Jesus a mandated to start a religion, entitled “Christianity,” or any other religion or denomination. He came to show the Jews, the true and living God (Father), and for all the world to know Father. The Jewish leaders were entrusted with the Oracles[2] of our Father, and they failed miserably to share them with their world. Their erroneously beliefs then spread from generation to generation, even to our current day. It is time for it to stop. Moses heard the oracles (utterances) but he did not hear with intelligence, so he added the mythological and paganistic beliefs from his youth, to what Father said – It became a MIXTURE. A little leaven (mixture) leavens everything Father speaks.

As my friend and Sister, Stacie Rae, wrote on a Facebook post, “Jesus was what God had to say. He was the embodiment of LOVE. He broke all the rules that the Jews (Israel) made, and he showed them Humanity and Divinity in One and then said, “follow me,” meaning, do this like I have done it. He lived out love on ALL people, and so can we.”


Jesus came to show them who the God, of whom they spoke, really was. Father was not those many false images, which they made up in their thoughts and perception. Their minds, which had been warped from being mindful of the false demigods they worshiped (ascertained, sought, and desired to know) in their past formed false images of him.


Jesus perfectly revealed this truth to them in his time with the Jews and to those whom he ministered. There were others before him, and many more after him, who showed forth the glory of the Father in their lives and in what they taught. In Isaiah’s life, Father revealed to him that the entire earth is covered with Fathers’ glory (image, likeness, and Holy Breath). Isaiah became spiritually aware, and his “single-eye” opened up and he saw Father as One with (married) all mankind. All are His (throne/temple) and he heard people (Messengers) crying out, “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of host; the whole earth is filled with his glory.”

I see Father’s glory everywhere I look. I see it in my Lady, Donna, our children, our grandchildren, our friends, our neighbors, the people we see in the marketplace and all over this planet. Even though they may not consciously show forth their glory, the light still shines. I walk about in my life speaking for the earth and its inhabitants to show forth its eternal supply; to tell of Father’s marvelous works, and to express Father’s nature in telling the eternal story. We must show forth our righteousness and eternal salvation. We must show forth, from ourselves, Fathers’ loving kindness in the morning, and his faithfulness every night. [1 Ch 16:23; Ps 9:1; 14 Ps 51:15; Ps 71:15; Ps 79:13; Ps 96:2]


Yes, Jesus was the exact likeness, image, and favor of our Father. Likewise, so are we, and so is every person born of woman. Jesus perfectly revealed that truth, but religion has continued to lift the lie to conceal and hide the truth that would make us free.


The title “Son of God” symbolizes our Higher Self, which is our Holy Breath or God-Mind. It is the emanation (release) of Father, in and through mankind. Any other “self” we might think we have is Ego (me, myself, and I).


I believe at conception is when our God-Life begins. When the father’s sperm interpenetrates the egg in the mother, and the vibration or energy of Life begins to flow, that is when the emanation of life takes place. In the book of James, he declares our Father is the Father of lights. [James 1:17] Scientists have proven that the very second sperm interpenetrates the egg, there is a flash of light. That is Father’s glory, light, life, and Holy Breath (Spirit) quickening the egg.

A Son of God, which we all are, is the image of the invisible Father Creator. We are Spirit slowed down to visibility, so also is everything we see, smell, or hear. Jesus perfectly symbolized someone who is living with full awareness of their Oneness with Father, in every way, shape and form. He was the perpetual
“Idea” of love and truth, which dwells in every person. The ones who seek to conform to that Idea, which Jesus revealed, will experience the eternality of their Spirit. Father’s “Idea” entered the Mind of Truth and Life (water and blood) of man, so that the conscious awareness in mankind might turn entirely to the Mind of God, which was already within them.


“From our proper Source, that is to say, from the Father and all that is Father, there shines, an eternal Ray, that which is the Birth of Son.”[3] “We are the perpetual generation of the Living Word. “We should daily celebrate the feast of our Eternal Birth, which the Father has borne and never ceases to bear in all eternity.”[4]

If we could go back in physical time and look at Jesus, with our single-eye, (Spiritual mindful), we would properly see ourselves; because as he was and is, so are we – a Son of God. According to Scripture, we are Spirit or Holy Breath. That is independent of the limitations of time and space. Jesus said, “Spirit or Holy Breath comes without observation.” We also are the temple not made with earthen hands. We are the eternal beings of the heavenly (Spirit/ruwach).

How do we know time and space cannot limit us? We know because Jesus was not limited by time and space and we are as he was. “Who and what was Jesus? He was a Son of God in full manifestation. And guess what? “As the reality of the original formation intensifies in people’s awareness, and we come to clearly see what Father has conferred upon us, we fully expect to be living as a Son of Father.” [Romans 8:19 RERichmond Tree of Life Bible]


That, my friend, should be our earnest expectation. Jesus taught and revealed that. The Apostle Paul wrote to the Community of believers at Corinth. After he discussed the diversities of gifts, which he told them every man was given to exhibit, display and manifest, he explained all people are One Spirit in union with all. We are supernaturally powerful, and it is vital that we do not handle the Living Word, which we all are, deceitfully, but in all wisdom and truth. Jesus never used his Holy Breath for himself; he only blessed others and lived out of his Holy Breath (Spirit). He never allowed time or space to limit him.

A great physical picture of a Spiritual truth is the story of Jesus walking on water.[5] This happened only because Jesus realized he was able to rescue and save to the uttermost, those who were striving and attempting to obey the do to be laws brought on by religion. Once one learns to live out of their true Source (Spirit), they are able to leave the sensory plane, and come to the aid of those who are toiling in the night, who are desperately fighting to reach Father. In this story they were trying to reach Jesus.


That is the way it is for many people today. In times of stress, our Holy Breath (Spirit) within seems far away, yet it is always fully within the Seeker. These disciples were in a storm, which tossing them to and fro, and they were greatly afraid during the fourth watch of the night.

The biblical number four contains much symbolism and is a code in the Bible, which reveals a truth that is much needed. “In the realm of four, you will have much tribulation, but be of good cheer; I subdue the cosmos, which was out of sorts.”[6] RERichmond Tree of Life Bible

In Matthew’s story of the disciples in a boat, the atmosphere, the Sea, and the disciples were out of sorts because the disciples had no clue that they could subdue anything or any person who was out of sorts. Jesus did not pay attention to the sea or the storm. He was there to reveal a truth to the disciples. He lived above what the disciples and the people saw with their carnal eyes. Jesus did not walk by physical sight. In fact, when Peter, along with Jesus, entered the boat again, the storm ceased. When you let that same mind be in you that was manifest in Jesus, you will do the same thing, but you stay humble in your supernatural abilities and life. You will not pay any attention to the water or the storms – they are no personal concern to you.

In doing a numeric study in Scripture, you will find the number 4 is referenced over 305 times. After mankind believed the lie of being naked, they descended from the awareness of Spirit and from Father, who is Spirit. The number “four” is the number for the cosmos and physical way of doing things, apart from Spirit. We find there are four regions: North, South, East, and West. There are four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. There are four winds, from the four directions of the earth. There are four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. And then there are four divisions of our days: Morning, Noon, Evening and Night. We wrongly allow all those to negatively affect us.


When man went outside of his Spiritual awareness (ruwach – Spirit), he had no concept of the planet as we know it today. The world seemed to be a flat surface with four boundaries – East, West, North, and South.

Their homes had four walls. Their cities had four walls. Their thought processed came from the worldly (carnal, cosmos or four) realm. They had no awareness of their spiritual higher life, after they embraced their mistaken identity. So, you see, the number four stands for this world system, apart from the control of mankind who is to have dominion (mastership) over it. Instead of man being as a Son of God, being the Master of the earth, the earth became the Master over man. Also, the number four stands for the weakness found in living AS carnal – dust realm or as a low-lander, rather than a high-lander.


Thus, you can see, the “fourth watch,” was when the disciples were being affected by the earth, which was out of control of its true Master – which is Man. Jesus walked out over the water, into the storm and into the fear the disciples had, to show them how to live and act in the earth. The disciples were out of sorts; therefore, they allowed the atmosphere to be out of sorts. Jesus was always at peace in every situation during his earth walk, until the time came for him to enter the judgment of the Jews, and bring man’s confusion into himself, so he could destroy it.

We also see in this story, this all happened at night, when there was no light. Light is always “understanding,” and darkness is “no understanding.” Night of darkness is a symbol of a condition of ignorance, error and restlessness and keeps one’s awareness on the lower plane of sensory knowledge. I find it interesting that often in a biblical story, where it is day or night, it is always noted in the story. When Judas betrayed Jesus, after he received the dinner, it said, “He went immediately out: and it was night.” Why would that matter unless there were a code and some symbolism in the use of the word “night?”


Night and Darkness


“Darkness of night” is the ignorance of man that is allowed by carnal beliefs to interpenetrate their conscious awareness. Their understanding at that time is not properly fashioned to rule the day or night.

There are many places where the use of the word, “night” symbolizes the same: Matthew 26:34 it was night, when Peter denied Jesus out of fear and ignorance. Luke 5:5 it was at night, when the disciples were toiling all night to catch fish; here they were again, being toilers of the night. John 11:9-10, Jesus gave the instruction, “If a man walk in the day (understanding) he stumbles not, because he seeth the light (spiritual understanding) of the world. But, if a man walks in the night (no understanding), he stumbles, because there is no awareness of the Light in him.

The word “darkness” is also symbolical of no awareness or ignorance to the Truthful and Living Word within.

As recorded in John 12:35-36, Jesus said to the crowd surrounding him, “Yet a little while is the light (Holy Breath in Jesus) with you. Walk while you have the light (Holy Breath), least darkness come upon you: for he that walks in the darkness knoweth not wherefore he goes.” Then he said, “While you have my light (Holy Breath) with you, believe in the light (Holy Breath), that you may be the children of light (Holy Breath).” In verse 46, Jesus said, “I am come “a” light into the world, that whosoever believes in what I came to reveal, teach, and do, should not abide in darkness.” Notice that, just as we pointed out earlier, everyone is “a Son of God”. Jesus just revealed there that everyone is “a light of the world.” If only all people were aware and believed that truth; they then would see everyone as light, holy and upright.


Isaiah spoke of the day a Great Messenger Comforter would come. He said, “The people who sat in darkness saw great light. To those who sat in the region and shadow of death, light has sprung up.” The word “sat” is being grounded in an awareness, and the word “in” means at rest. This speaks of many instances where Jesus appeared to people, but I believe the greatest picture was revealed in the story where Jesus presented himself to the Jews in their temple at the age of 12 years old. He opened the Scripture, and by the way he read with great understanding and by the way he made sense of what he read, it touched those who heard to the point that “their baby leaped.” It made a great impact to those who were grounded and at rest in the Mosaic Law, who had a shadow of death over their lives because of the law. The phrase “sprung up,” in Greek, means “to appoint.” If only they would have responded like Elizabeth did, when her baby leaped within her.  She heard the salutation Mary gave to her while Mary carried Jesus in her womb. When John leaped in Elizabeth, she fully experienced the Holy Breath of Father in her.


Consequently, because of the fear of the Pharisees to permanently allow what they heard Jesus say at 12 years old change them, the light went dim again. The hardness they had that came from being grounded in the Mosaic Law, and being strongly controlled by their leaders, sunk them back into their darkness.

That is why Nicodemus, a Pharisee, came to Jesus at night. He feared the leaders of his religion. Symbolically, him coming at night, was him coming in his ignorance (darkness) seeking “a Light source” to help him.

In the historical books of the Bible (old disposition and outlook), there are 111 references to the word darkness. The number 100 is Father’s grace, which is His

Holy Breath in man.


Then number 11 is disorder. So, we find Father’s Holy Breath in a people who are living in disorder, chaos, confusion, and mayhem. Rather than great light, darkness is the people’s experience.

In the new disposition and outlook (testament), the word “darkness” is used 51 times. The number 1 is the biblical number for unity or Oneness and the number 50 is the number for our Holy Breath (Spirit). I believe I can safely say, Jesus came to bring man out of darkness, into the knowledge that we are Father’s marvelous Light (Holy Breath – Spirit).


1 Peter 2:9 “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that you should show forth the praises of him who had called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” KJV


So, we conclude, Father in Jesus, called us out of a false darkness into being the Light of the world, which we are. Father in us is doing the same thing in this current day. We are proclaiming and explaining to people who they are, so they will awaken to the truth, and be the Light in their world.

Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.”[7] Later in his high-priestly prayer he said, “And the glory which you (Father) birthed (created) me, I have shown them; in order that they exist One, as You.”[8] Next, we find the Apostle Paul said, “So we, manifesting as many members, are One body, in and as Holy Breath (Spirit), and every member is the plural of the other, reduplicating our Creator Father in our bodies.”[9] Paul wrote the same understanding to the Community of Believers in Corinth, “For we, being many, are One bread and One body; for we are all partakers of that One Bread.” (Spirit – Father as Spiritual source, or food). The symbolical understanding of Bread is a symbol of spiritual food for the Soul, namely, truth, which is the substance of goodness. It is the staff of spiritual life (the higher life). Truth is the essence of every person, and as IT is allowed, IT comes forth from the God-Mind (mind of contact) to nourish the Soul and dispel the illusions of a lower nature. We are a living Soul – not a three-part being. There is only One Mind, One Spirit and One body. If you could see what I am pointing out, you would see that each is superimposed. So, our Soul is Mind, is Spirit and is Body – the Lord our God is One and so are we. We are the Bread to our world.


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