Simon, the Zealot, represents Zeal. 

Chapter 1


Simon the Zealot, or Simon the Canaanite, or Simon the Canaanean, was one of the most obscure among the apostles of Jesus. He was a Roman, yet we know extraordinarily little about his life. We know Simon was one of the closest disciples to Jesus. He spent about three years living with Jesus, witnessing Jesus’ works, and hearing his teachings. Mark 3:18, the King James version places “the Canaanite,” after his name, meaning zeal.


In Hebrew, the word is “Kannanaios” (kan-an-0ahee’-os), a fanatical Jewish sect; hence a Zealot or a revolutionary. A root word to this is qana’ (kaw-naw’), meaning zealous. In my research, I found no absolute proof of his name being “the Zealot” or “the Canaanite.” A root name for Simon is Shim’own (shim-one’), meaning hearing, or shama, to hear intelligently; one who pays attention to what is said. Other than this, there is truly little written of him, just many assumptions and guesses.


The name “Simon” is a common name used in the New Outlook and Perception books (Testament). Peter’s other name was Simon, and then there was a brother of Jesus named Simon, a leper named Simon, and the one whose name is the subject of this section, Simon the Zealot. The father of Judas Iscariot was named Simon, and there was a sorcerer who believed in Jesus by the name Simon, who came to believe through Philip’s teaching. Simon is the same name as Simeon, meaning one who listens and does so intelligently.


“Hearing,” in its higher aspect of intelligence, refers to the state of mind in the devout student that looks for and expects spiritual guidance and instruction directly from Father – the Divine Mind – Source. The above statement should be summated up by the word “receptivity.” Simeon or Simon represents a group of thoughts in an attentive, obedient person and has a quality of mind. The tribe of Simeon signifies this tendency. It denotes a person’s character who tends to examine, weigh, discriminate, adjust, and even out the subject of their thought.  We could say, made even, level, poised, weighed out, proven, tried, adjusted by plumb or level, and made level. We are establishing the Word to where it is set up to be made firm and stable. For one to be “plumb” in their understanding, there can be no thought of limitation.


In 1st Chronicles 4:29 there is a city of Simeon, called Eltolad in Joshua 15:30. Eltowlad (el-to-lad’) means “God is the generator (producer, author, creator). Having the word “El” in a name means the Almighty God, not just gods in the normal sense. Eltowlad infers supernatural strength. It represents the origination, the forming, and the bringing into expression our intended (not “new”) state of consciousness (generation, begetting, conceiving, bringing forth, and birth).  Our true thoughts are higher. It denotes the more spiritual consciousness of man that recognizes the qualities of strength and power as not being material, but as being Divine in origin (God is my strength, whom God strengthens, power of God, the glory of God).


When physical strength is exalted, it is made to supersede spiritual power. The physical person must be conformed, transmuted, or put in order to access the spiritual consciousness before they can function in their Divine faculties. "Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God."


When physical strength is cultivated without the refining influence of the spiritual force (fleshly versus priestly), deterioration sets in (even of the body), and the breaking up of the whole body begins. This is symbolized by the leprosy of a king. The remedy happens when he comes to an understanding and a repetition of some such affirmation as this: "My strength is not material, but spiritual."


Isaiah 6:1-8 shows a particular movement of the healing processes, which are always working out the awakening of those trusting in their Divine Mind. Uzziah, the dominating physical strength, has lost his hold on the body. "King Uzziah died." Then the higher self, Isaiah (meaning rescue of Jehovah), begins the purification of the thoughts.


Let us look at this process of the healing of Isaiah’s understanding (awakening).  The awakening had to happen before he could “tell the people” what Father wanted him to say. Isaiah 6:1, “In the year that king Uzziah (physical strength King) died, I also saw the Lord sitting upon a throne (our consciousness), high and lifted. And his train filled the temple. 2 Above it stood the seraphim’s: each one had six wings; with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he did fly.”


Seraphim means the burning; fiery ones; consuming with fire; nobility, eminence; glorious, and princely. They are people who have a great understanding of the Living Word. Fire always symbolizes the Living Word of God.

3 “And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory.”


Many messengers have heard the Truthful Living Word in the earth today, and they are crying out, “the whole earth (all people) are one with Father.”


4 “And the posts of the door moved at the voice of him that cried, and the house was filled with smoke. 5 Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts.”


Isaiah is beginning to wake up!


6 “Then flew one of the seraphim unto me, having a live coal (revelational understanding) in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar: 7 And he laid it upon my mouth (instrument - Voice that tells the story), and said, Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and your iniquity (false perception) is taken away, and thy sin (mistaken identity) purged.”


Isaiah is awakened!


8 Also, I heard[1] the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me. 9 And he said, Go, and tell these people…“


Isaiah was ready to speak to the people on Fathers’ behalf – he could now tell the “unconcealed” Story (Word).


The wings of these Seraphim people symbolize freedom from material limitations. Six wings indicate that purification must go through the six avenues of consciousness in the body. Those who are spiritually quickened have a partial development of intuition, in addition to the five senses.


The intelligence, represented by the face, is concealed because the work to be done is too deep for human-minded understanding; the flying shows the divine action. The statement "Holy, holy, holy, is Jehovah of hosts" is the living Word of Truth; the message of wholeness in the whole body is, "the whole earth is full of his glory." This spiritual perception of all-pervading glory of divine perfection in all people is well understood by those who have had visions of the divine law.


The consciousness of personal impurity is taken away by realizing divine purity in thought and word (Isa. 6:5-7).


What happened to Isaiah to cause him to be zealous in the living Word?


Zealot representing Zeal


            In every article I researched to discover more about Simon, the Zealot, I found references to him being a person of zeal and enthusiasm, first about Moses’ Law. After meeting and following Jesus, he became zealous for the Living, which was the truthful Word.

            Zeal is the mighty force that incites the winds, the tides, the storms. It urges the planet on its course and spurs the ant to greater exertion. To be without zeal is to be without the zest of living. Zeal and enthusiasm incite every aim and idea that the Divine Mind conceives to glorious achievement. Zeal is the impulse to go forward, the urge behind all things. Without zeal, stagnation, apathy, and death would prevail throughout the universe. The man without zeal is like an engine without steam or an electric motor without a current. Energy is zeal in motion, and energy is the forerunner of every effect.


2nd Kings 19:31; Isaiah 9:7; and Isaiah 37:23 all use the phrases, “The zeal of the Lord of host shall do this,” and “the zeal of the Lord of host will perform this.” The Hebrew translated as zeal, is in a sense, one being envious for something “to be” and “to take place.” It implies a solid passion for completing the task. What Father desired came to pass because of His zeal. He is the Source of all things seen and not yet seen.


If you spiritually desire something, you set it in motion by activating the Source (Father) to gain possession of it. You must be zealous in the pursuit to attain the object of your desire. Desire goes before the action in our life – hence we must allow our passions guarded by our Divine Mind.


            Zeal is the affirmative impulse of existence. Its command is, "Go forward!" Through this impulse, man forms many states of consciousness that he ultimately tires. They may have served a good purpose in their day in the grand scheme of that time in life, but as man catches sight of higher things (Logos), zeal urges him forward to their attainment.


Temper your Zeal with wisdom.


"The zeal of thy house hath eaten me up" (Psalm 69:9 – referenced in John 2:17). The zeal of the house, “eaten up,” means that the zeal faculty has become so active intellectually that it has consumed the vitality and left nothing for spiritual growth. One may even become so zealous for the spread of Truth as to bring on nervous exhaustion and what many wrongly call “spiritual burnout.” Take the time and turn a portion of your zeal over to do God's will to establish His kingdom (righteousness, joy, and perfection) within yourself.  Do not put all your enthusiasm into teaching, preaching, meetings, appointments, and helping others. Help your soul and that of your immediate family, and the rest will flow with ease. Many enthusiastic spiritual workers have only let their zeal demonstrate Truth to others, which robs them of the power to establish Truth for themselves. Do not let your zeal run away with you. Allow yourself to bathe in the freshness of the Living Word flowing in your entire soul.


            Jesus had two disciples named Simon, but they each represent different talents or faculties in the mine of man. Simon Peter symbolizes receptivity from above, and Simon the Canaanean represents receptivity from below. Simon means "hearing," and Canaan means "zeal." The Canaanites dwelt in the lowlands (dust-dwellers), so we know that the faculty designated by Simon the Canaanean has its origin in the body's consciousness. But the receptivity to the truth and the zeal for the truth manifested by Simon the Canaanean lifted him to spiritual consciousness. I believe this is taking place now, in this age of Aquarius that has recently started. The symbolism of Aquarius pictured in Acts 1:13, where we find, "And when they came in, they went up into the upper chamber, where they were abiding." Among them, "Simon the Zealot’ is mentioned. “Going up” or “going to a mountain” is always symbolic of receiving a high revelation.


To grow spiritually, we should always be careful to exercise our zeal in spiritual ways. Sincere believers are apt to fall into commercial practices in carrying forward their work of ministry. We should remember that Jesus said, "God is Spirit (Breath), and they that ascertain, seek and desire to know Father must do so in Holy Breath (Spirit) and the living truth." When Jesus cast out the moneychangers from the Temple, his disciples remembered the writing of old, "The Zeal for thy house shall eat me up." In this act, Jesus was casting out the commercial bargaining thoughts of the priest and their followers from the temple. 


Everything in the world around us has its counterpart in some thought process in our body. Every invention of man is a duplication of some activity in the human body. The explosion of gasoline in the automobile cylinder copies the explosion of nerve substance in the cell centers of the body. The nerve fluid is conducted to a nerve chamber, corresponding to an automobile combustion chamber, electrified, and the energy liberated. The human body's spiritual zeal (enthusiasm) electrifies the nerve substance, which breaks forth into energy.


Thoughts build nerve and brain centers that serve as distributors of the vital substance manufactured in the body. The body's chemistry stores the food we eat and liberates it in thought and action.


Every thought is discharged from the brain to our soul and liberates some of this stored substance. We, the plural of our Source, are the controlling intelligence. With our Divinely influenced conscious mind, we direct these processes in a manner quite like that employed by an automobile driver. An automobile driver should be familiar with the mechanism of his or her car. But in the great majority of cases, the driver knows merely enough to perform a few mechanical motions, and the car does the rest.


So, the mass of humans knows little about the delicate brain and body interaction. They perform a few necessary superficial acts, call in the doctor when anything goes wrong, and in the end, bury the body in a cemetery, not knowing they are supernatural and immortal.


Simon the Zealot has his center or throne of dominion in the body at the base of the brain. Physiology calls it the medulla oblongata.


Think of the brain as a king having twelve sons or princes who execute his will. Each prince has a throne, brain, and nerve center, from which he issues his orders and distributes his goods.


Jesus illustrated this in Matthew 19:28. "Verily I say unto you, that ye who have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall rest on the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel."


From the throne at the medulla, Simon the Zealot imparts extraordinary energy to the ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and sensory nervous system. When a man enters into the understanding of his dominion, power, and directive ability from staying in contact with the Divine Mind (Father), he educates his disciples or sons. He shows them how to execute the law established in the divine principle for man.


We all are kings in Contact with the Divine Mind. But with Jesus, we must realize that "my kingdom is not of the earthy systems of this world." Our dominion is over our thoughts, emotions, and passions.

Our disciples will do what we tell them and continue to do it after being sufficiently instructed and assisted in using the Living Word.


Remember, our Divine Mind rules both inside and outside, within and without, visible and invisible, high and the low.


To help Simon the Zealot do his work in you, center your attention for a moment at the base of your brain and quietly affirm that infinite energy and intelligence are pouring forth in zeal-enthusiasm. Then follow, in your imagination, a set of motor nerves that lead out from the medulla to the eyes. Continue affirming the presence, power, energy, and intelligence that are now manifesting in your eyes.


For the ears affirm energy and intelligence, adding, "Be you open."


For the nose affirm energy and intelligence, adding, "The purity of Spirit enfolds you."


For the mouth carry the life current to the root of the tongue, with the thought of freedom. At the “root of the tongue” is situated the throne of another disciple, Philip. When the zeal current flows from the medulla center, it connects with the throne of Philip, the current sets up a strong vibration. The vibration affects the whole sympathetic nervous system. In this treatment, you will strengthen your voice, revitalize your teeth, and indirectly impart energy to your digestion.


At Cana of Galilee, the nerve center in the throat, that Jesus is where turned water into wine. Other than physically, this miracle, is accomplished when we, in spirit, realize that the union (wedding) of the fluid life of the body with the spiritual life at this power center makes a new element symbolized by wine.


When the chemistry of the body and the dynamics of the Divine Mind are united (we know no man after the flesh), a third element flows, and a person feels that "in Contact with Father, they always live, in eternal newness of Life." [2nd Corinthians 5:17]


Therefore, since every man, woman, boy, and girl be the embodiment of Father’s Holy Breath, he, she, they exist in perfect life: the old worn-out illegal state of living as a mere human, is passed away; look, perceive, understand, all things are eternal in newness of life. [2nd Corinthians 5:17[ RERichmond Tree of Life Bible Translations


Everything in the Bible has to do with a dust realm awareness or the cool of the day (Spiritual) awareness. Hence, 2nd Corinthians 5:16, “Wherefore from this time on, after what I revealed to you of what Jesus taught and did,  know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Jesus after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more after the flesh but after Spirit.” [KJV enhanced by me]


With this understanding, we can now say it is to our awareness that Jesus brought a great rescue.



[1] OT:8085 shama` (shaw-mah'); a primitive root; to hear intelligently (often with implication of attention, obedience, etc.; causatively, to tell, etc.):


(Biblesoft's New Exhaustive Strong's Numbers and Concordance with Expanded Greek-Hebrew Dictionary. Copyright © 1994, 2003, 2006 Biblesoft, Inc. and International Bible Translators, Inc.)