Unforced Rhythm of Life

Chapter 1

Our Rhythm of Life remains constant no matter what else might be going on. It is not subject to the opinions or beliefs of mankind, no matter how changeable and unsubstantial as they are. It is constant, perpetual, eternal, and immutable (unchangeable). IT responds only to its own intelligent order. In addition, wherever IT is allowed to effortlessly flow, life and beauty, perfection and goodness, and absolute order prevail. Yes, the realization of this Life does bring experience, but whether we ever realize its presence or not, we are still IT’s most glorious Vessel.  

We realize this Spirit as we look out upon the stars of our galaxy. We see the order of the planets and the orbits, how they effortlessly travel through Outer Space. We see the seasons as they come and go, revealing to us the necessity of periods of time to lie dormant (winter), to withdraw in quietness and stillness to replenish our thoughts and clear our hearts of the foolishness and clamor of the humankind of consciousness, only to enjoy newness of Life (spring) as it emerges out from those times of reflection. These are the ways of Father God’s infinite Intelligence. Our Holy Spirit speaks to us to impart wisdom and understanding.  That eventually leads us to know who Father is and what our relationship is to Him. 

Each creature follows certain patterns of activity depending upon their species. What unseen force and definite influence, direct, maintains, and sustains all things created, from the creatures to the plants and trees? Psalm 145:15 states, “He opens His hand and satisfies the desire of every living creature.” 

There is a Rhythm of Life that formed everything that is visible. It fills all things, determines the existence of all, and directs the activity of all. It is the Life and breath of all that is formed. IT is also referred to as the Spirit of the Life of all things. IT is the Law of Spirit and Life; IT is our Chi, which is our lifeforce, essence and inner self. IT is our Holy Spirit. 

Interestingly, the root word for ‘breath’ is the same root for ‘spirit’ and ‘air’… all those words are ‘pneumo’. Just as the air fills all space, likewise this Spirit of Life fills all space everywhere, all the time. It knows no vacuum. Wherever there is space provided, it will instantly fill it. Thus, the reason the Apostle Paul wrote, “Be ye transformed by the renewing mind.” As we open our conscious awareness to our Holy Spirit, being our Spirit of Life, IT fills the vacuum created by being mindful of carnal things. Therefore, we read that “We live and move and have our being in this Rhythm of the “Spirit of Life”, just as all creation does.

We come to understand the nature of this Life flow (God) by what IT has made. Creation declares its Creator! 

Therefore, throughout this vast expanse of visible creation we begin to know and feel and realize the constant Presence of this Rhythm of all Life. In moments of quietness and stillness, we can feel ourselves being amidst IT, being carried by the flow of IT. Soon IT becomes more real to us than that which we see. We know that we are truly alive, and that IT is alive as it flows through us, bringing Life to every cell, every organ, every system, every nook, cranny and crevice of our bodies, our minds, our thoughts and emotions, establishing and maintaining order throughout our entire lives. 

Now we look to the Life of all things, the Life of us. Now we look to the rhythm, the Presence of Life itself (our Holy Spirit).  We now look to our True Supply, which is the decision, decree and declaration of Father God from the beginning; “God made man in resemblances and created them male and female, to reproduce Himself.” Then Father gave the entire earth to man to enjoy, tend and have dominion over – all things required for Spiritual and physical life, were eternally provide. 

Why is this important? Because millions and millions of people were taught a false sense of identity, which cause man to live with a strong sense of lack. The result was always asking Father God for something that they felt they did not have. We had no idea that all things were provided for us from the foundation of the world. 

We thought we knew about life and death and formed the belief that we are responsible for it all. We were taught that if we were sick, it was our fault. We were taught that the body is breakable, and liable to fall apart at any moment.

This belief is created medical, religious, social, corporate and financial world systems. The entire world’s system of thought is an expression of this belief to effect control over us. Within this thought, we live in great fear for our lives and future. 
For many years, I lived under the control of this system of thought. We would constantly tell our kids, family, and friends to be careful (fearful). How could we live the abundant life Jesus revealed that we had, when we lived with the mindset that we lack? 

I am thankful that through my many teachers and my study time that the Voice of my Holy Spirit, removed the religious gates of the knowledge and understanding I experience today. This was my Holy Spirit desiring to be my source of all understanding. Everywhere I went it was put right in front of my eyes – in books, in teachers, in movies, in sermons, in Father God’s creation. 

Now Life… with all its glory and brilliance, clarity and purity… with all its goodness and perfection, is bursting forth with these words, “There is only one Power, One Spirit, One Body and One Life.”  I Am that Life. Everything exists as a manifestation of that Life.
When a person understands this, they will see Life in everything and will experience Life in everything. We see through that which is visible with the physical eyes and we see that which is true, through our single-eye. When we see singleeyed, what we see in the visible we see its true form spiritually.  Now we are governed by our true Life-Source; no longer carnally mind-full. Our Holy Spirit is in every living creation and all that we see. Father God is not separate from anything. Father does not need us to pray and ask Him to fix anything; Holy Spirit is already the life of everything. 

I no longer think the way I used to think; yes, the old thoughts try to sneak up on me, but all I need to do is replace them with the truth and they flee. Now when I study the many Bible versions, I can look through the lens of love, and see the underlying truth.  Now I understand things that I read in the Bible, which previously made no sense to me at all. The thing that is most important to me now is to see all that I see the way Father God sees and the way Jesus saw all people and situations. He saw what God, the Life of all things, made and maintains. He chose to see that which is eternal in every person. He saw Life… everywhere, in everything. 
He walked among man, knowing what no one else knew at the time. He came to teach this to all mankind. Nothing needed to be fixed, only to be correctly seen. What we call a healing and miracles was what Jesus saw as the normal reality of life. Of course, Jesus saw with his physical eyes what everyone else saw but he did not see what others saw; he saw what was true. In other words, he never agreed to it. He never gave his consent to it. How could He do that? He knew something infinitely more real than the appearance of good or bad. He did not function out of the realm of opposites;  sick-well, poor-rich, bad-good.  He knew that Life was the real issue here and not what we see, experience or believe.  

What was written in our subconsciousness as children, as teenagers and then as adults? Is it possible that these many beliefs formed in us allow such things to appear? The answer is yes. Moreover, how are these beliefs corrected?  With what eyes are we able to see the Life in us that is perfect and eternal?” We must see with our Single- eye (Spirit) instead of physical eyes.
Healings are not miracles, but they are the natural consequence of knowing life as it, truly is. Healings are not corrections that appear, but simply the removal of one thought and the replacement with another. Even though we do not always see perfection, it is always present. The images of false thought need to be replaced with the truth.  

We need to realize that Life is not the activities that we are doing, but it is the Presence of an uninterruptible rhythm, an unseen, invisible Spiritual Presence, revealing Itself as, and through, all that IT has made. We then can allow IT to reveal itself to us, as us. Then there truly will appear the Oneness of God and man, and the prayer of Jesus will be fulfilled, “That they may be one as we are one, we in them and them in us…” One! Perfect God, perfect Man, perfect Life, flowing perfectly, establishing and maintaining perfect order everywhere IT is seen and acknowledge. 

Chapter 2
The true reason that Easter is celebrated around this planet, year after year, is that Jesus restored that which was lost. That which was lost was man’s knowledge of the Life in them – Life eternal and an intimate awareness of Father God. Jesus explained, “life eternal, was that they might be aware of, feel, have the knowledge, perceive, be resolved, able to speak of, be sure of and understand the only true God, and Jesus Christ,  whom Father hast sent.” John 17:3 RERichmond Tree of Life Bible® 

Jesus came to reveal life and life more abundantly, as I previously pointed out. (John 10:10). Father God revealed the same life to the children of Israel, and contrary to the way many versions of the Bible have been translated concerning this conversation, our Father Creator did not “record this day against them,” nor did Father “set before them life or death, blessing and cursing.” 
The authorized King James Version of the following two verses is translated in a way that would make one believe Father created a "Law of Sowing & Reaping." Father did not! The translators, their religious instructors and the false perceptions of the Old Testament writers created that false law.

This is the King James Version of verse 19: “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.” KJV

Father never gave death or cursing. The following is my translation of Deuteronomy 30:19 “I testify of a place of eternality in you, of the heavenly and the earth full of life, rather than death. Having given you my image to benefit from, rather than live as you were cursed, choose the life you have of me, in order that you may quicken, recover, revive and experience your wholeness, along with your seed, 20 so that you yourself will experience your union with the Lord your Father Creator, so that you will hear, with intelligence, His Voice within you and that you will stay aware of your Oneness with your Creator as your Holy Spirit, being the source of your Life, your essence and eternal life-source, continually, world without end; that you remain aware of you being Holy Spirit, living out of the realm of Spirit (Promise Land), which I spoke of to your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob to reveal to them.” Tree of Life Bible RERichmond®

There was an Old Testament Law that man, whose breath was in his nostrils (mere human) lived by. The Law is called the “Law of Sowing and Reaping.” Many teachers wrongly teach the validity of that Law today. They fight for the existence of it, even after Jesus freed us from being a mere human (anthropos – a ’dam), bound under the effects of Adam’s self-condemnation.
The natural Law, the law of cause and effect that governs the earthly realm (not the heavenly realm), is called the law of sowing and reaping. It was a Law of Moses. His writing and the writing of the other prophets, who wrote the books of the Bible, were strongly influenced by their previous experience in following their many false gods. Their lives were based on and were always filled with man needing to do something to please their false gods.  They believed if you do good, you can expect goodness. If, on the other hand, you do evil, you can expect that will also return evil to you. 

This does not only apply to what we do. What we are not told is that if we even believe in the power of evil to rule indiscriminately, we see that lie in our lives and that of others. If, on the other hand, we believe that there is only One Power, and that is the power and omnipresence of Goodness and Life (God) ruling its creation, we will experience that which is eternally ours and we can do nothing to ever lose it. It is only robbed from us in our experienced because of wrong beliefs we have of our Father and of ourselves.  We experience according to the deepest expectations of our consciousness. 

The impossibility for man to fulfill that original law, which was written by Moses and was added by religiosity. It causes mankind to live under the realization of defeat, failure and expectation of punishment, and some sort of suffering. Therefore, Spirit Life never becomes an experience. 

The false law of reaping and sowing makes us critical of ourselves and everyone else. It is the basis and platform of all judgment, and it is in direct opposition to the law of the Spirit of Life that was in Jesus and continues in us.

This law is the cause of all disease, poverty, sadness, tears, and pain in the earth. It is the cause of death. This is the notorious karma that we hear so much about; a bottomless pit and the reason for suffering and human anguish. What we do not hear is that we were intended to transcend the law of karma. Under this law we are motivated by fear, fear of punishment. This is the lowest form of motivation. Whereas love for Father God and living out from that love and Life as our own nature is the highest form of motivation. 
We have believed that it is Father who punishes us, when in fact, it is our own transgression of our conscience and the expectation of punishment that draws our suffering (consequences) to us. Living under the law itself and judging ourselves secures and binds the problematic effect of the law to us.

The carnal law governs a carnally mindful man. However, because man could not keep the law, the true way was revealed, as we read in Deuteronomy. This is called the Eternal Covenant; which Father God would reveal by his Spirit. It resides within every man (no gender implied) and nothing can remove or annul it. Man cannot experience or understand it apart from the activity of Holy Spirit. One can read in Ezekiel chapter twenty-eight the discourse Father God had with Adam, concerning what Adam did that caused the sense of separation that produced the separation of awareness of man’s Life Source. 

Paul spoke of the Life within - Ephesians 3:20 “Now, since you are aware and know you are Holy Spirit, look within your Holy Spirit mind, which is revealing more than you could ever understand from carnal awareness. Moment by moment, keep your attention on the Voice of your Spirit, which is the power that works in and through us.” RERichmond Tree of Life Bible®

Father God would reveal to man his true relationship with his Creator. He would cause man to see who he really is in the eternal oneness of his relationship with God. Biblically this is called the “new creation,” however, we are not new we are eternal. We have always been and will always be one with God. God can live through us and demonstrate His marvelous nature through us. We are His abode. While this is referred to in the many versions of the Bible as a “new” creation, it is actually the creation as it was known by the Divine Mind of God from “before the foundation of the world,” and it never needed to become a new creation. Mankind only needed to take the dominion they have always had and restore order to it.  

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore since all mankind is the embodiment of Father’s Holy Spirit, they exist in perfect eternal life: the old worn out, illegal state of living as human is passed away. Look, perceive and understand all things are eternal in newness of life. RERichmond Tree of Life Bible®

Ephesians 1:4 “Insomuch as Father God is our origin, so we are of Him and we were before the conception of the world. We perpetually exist as Holy Spirit, as Father is Holy Spirit; pure and holy, we ourselves are in perfect relationship with His love. That God, by his Spirit, would live, govern, and be the life of everything formed. This is the definition of living by grace.” RERichmond Tree of Life Bible®

You can imagine that whoever or whatever Father God lived through, vibrated and animated Himself in, and directed… would be beyond description. They or it would never know misery, fear, or darkness of any sort. They or it would walk in the light of the glory of God. Happiness, joy and abundance would be its or their only expectation. No one would or could ever be sick. Tears would only be those of joy and gladness and gratitude. For of Him, to Him, and through Him are all things; that is what Paul was writing in Ephesians 1:4.

Now, how do we regain that, which we have forgotten? How do we move away from the futile efforts of becoming that, which we already are?  

The only prerequisite would be that we realize that we cannot keep this law and keep suffering from those things that follow the law of doing to be, and that we stop trying to be who we already are.

Let go of human effort to know, to do and to be.

Our job is to lean into the Spirit, to allow IT to live Its life through us. Allow IT to keep the law or to Love, which is the fulfillment of the natural (Spirit) law. We can never really be separated from this Love, which “freely affords us all things.” 

Romans 8:30 Moreover, we pre-existed in our Creator eternally, we also were declared to be His Sons from the foundation.  Since He has declared we are all Sons (no gender implied), He rendered us holy, pure, innocent, and right-wise with Him. We are righteous in the eternal past and future, without beginning and without end. Since, from the beginning God made us holy, pure, innocent and right-wise, He esteems us as the embodiment and image of Himself. We radiate the image of our Papa, our Supreme Father. 31 What then, is left to say? We conclude that our Supreme Divine Father is our eternal Papa and he is 100% for us, and not against us. How can any act, whether it is done by us or someone else, conquer us in any way? 32 God, who acted as Son, and without a doubt willingly submitted to the cruelty of man’s societal judgment; Our Father was in Jesus revealing to us His Eternal Love and our eternal oneness with Him. Our Supreme Papa, in Jesus, delivered Himself up for us all, and in Jesus everything, which we eternally possessed, was again brought to light. RERichmond Tree of Life Bible®

As Papa said in the movie and book, The Shack, “Do you not know, Papa is particularly fond of you?” [Paul Young – The Shack]
We must live in the awareness of the Spirit of Divine Life, and Eternal love, which is always filling our being and motivating our existence. We must let it have the uninterrupted expression that it desires, which is the uninterrupted and unforced flowing of the Spirit of Life. This is referred to as:

The Law of the Spirit of Life in our Holy Spirit

Romans 8:2 NOW, the intensified prescription (law) of living out of our Holy Spirit for Life, just as Jesus lived, has delivered us all from the prescription of the Mosaic Law. We are free from the drudgery of offering dead animals, bloody sacrifices, seeds, fruits, gold and silver, time and talent to God for appeasement. RERichmond Tree of Life Bible®

Matthew 11:28 "Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you will recover your life. I will show you how to take a real rest. 29 Walk with me and work with me — watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace (Life / Holy Spirit). I will not lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. 30 Keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely and lightly." 
(From THE MESSAGE: The Bible in Contemporary Language © 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson. All rights reserved.)
When the Apostle Paul asked Father God to deliver him from his temptation to depend on his religious knowledge, Father said, “My grace is sufficient for you.” Meaning, draw from your Holy Spirit within, IT will deal with that. We must do the same thing, for everything in our lives. Our Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. 

John 14:16 “Don’t worry, I will not leave you teacher-less and guide-less (comforter). I will send many (the word “another” means many more) teachers, leaders and guides to explain and help you understand what I do and who you are, and you will become aware, as the result of what I come to do. 17 The Spirit of truth is in you all.  Carnally mindful people cannot actively take hold of this, because they do not discern their Holy Spirit, neither are they aware of their Holy Spirit within. But you yourself know; for you know your Holy Spirit dwells and exists in you. 18 Currently you and the world cannot withdraw from your Spirit of Truth within because you live unaware, but you will soon experience a quickening that will allow you to hear the explainers, whom I will anoint to teach you. The Holy Spirit of Truth within them will bring great understanding concerning that, which I do. Currently, you cannot receive, discern or take hold of these things because as of yet, you do not know who you are as Holy Spirit and Son of God, nor are you fully aware of your Holy Spirit that eternally abides within you; just as it does in me, Holy Spirit exists in you. Don’t worry, you will understand all! RERichmond Tree of Life Bible®

Can we transcend the cause and effect of the natural law of sowing and reaping? Yes, we can. However, there is only one way to do this, and that is to find, and place ourselves under, the one and only higher law. The Bible refers to this law as the “law of the Spirit of Life.” 

Entering this Law, or understanding, will free us from the effects of the carnal law of cause and effect, from the whole carnal karmic influence. Think of it! A Way has been provided for mankind to live above all the suffering and tragedies, pains and fears, which have enslaved us since man willingly left the “Cool of the Day” walk and self-condemned themselves. They passed this death down to generation after generation; they should have let it pass by. We have ignorantly agreed with all that produces death.   The Way was revealed by Jesus – The Way, the Truth, and the Life. Jesus appeared on the scene to show us and reveal to us the true Way, Truth and Life we already possessed.  One can only wonder since this has been recorded for over two thousand years, why are we not hearing about it from the day we are born. Why are we still living under a way of thought, which continues to cause us the very sufferings that we strive so hard to be free from? 

The lower realm law of cause and effect, with all its punishments and sufferings, will continue to govern the carnally mindful man until he chooses to transcend this law. And how can we choose unless we are made aware of another option? 

To understand the mind of our Holy Spirit (God), in contrast to the “doctrines of men,” we must first divest ourselves of any beliefs or understandings we have previously held. We can do this simply by being willing to learn the un-deceitful Word that will make us free. We must have no investment in anything previously held as true or sacred to us. When we want to know the truth more than we want to breathe … that is a good start. 

We have been the children of a great lie, and it is time for us to wake up. This is the generation to whom Father God is revealing the truth that will make all mankind free. 

In the Old Testament, there are many, sometimes strange laws that God did give, and some were supposedly given to Moses to govern the children of Israel. One such law was this. As the people traveled through the “wilderness experience,” heading towards the “promised land,” they were not to build any houses, temples or any other permanent structure along the way. They were to only live in tents. This was so that, whenever the Spirit of God moved upon them to begin to travel again, they would not be reluctant to do so, due to the fact that they had become so comfortable where they were. 

Likewise, are we encouraged, while we travel on to the promised land of the true knowledge of the Eternal One within, and the goodness that that promises us, not to “build a shrine” to any doctrine, belief, person, place, or comfort zone. We should always be ready to “hear” and respond, and to “move on” in our understanding, when directed by Father’s messengers speaking out of the Spirit of Truth within them. 

This is the promise that has been given to us. It is the clear understanding of the simplicity of entering it. This is the understanding of the Law of the Spirit of Life. 

There is a Spirit of Life. IT is what gives life to all living things.

There is One Spirit and therefore One Life Source. IT is the same life for a plant as it is for an insect. IT is the same Life for a person as it is for a bird. This One Life not only flows throughout all its creation, but also is what formed all the visible formations that we see. It is the same Life, but different manifestations. Each manifestation declares something of the nature and character of that Spirit of Life. 

There are many people who still believe a Trinitarian Doctrine and that is okay. However, they are seeing Father God as an individual and visible form; Father God is Spirit and cannot be seen by man’s physical eyes; only that, which Father manifest “as”, is seen by our eyes. In John 4:24, the translators added the word “a” and the word “is," has the numerical number #9999, which means "is" was added by the translators and not in the original language. They made the verse state, “God is a Spirit…” When looking at this verse in the Greek, it states, “Spirit is God, and…” 

John 1:18 we find John writing, “God? No man hath seen at any time; only Son… hath declared.” The phrase “hath seen” is horao and it means to discern clearly, to experience or to appear as. It also comes from optanomai; meaning to gaze with wideopen eyes, to appear or shew-self. Then we find the same phrase in 1 John 4:12; “hath seen” and it is theaomai, meaning to look closely at, to perceive or see clearly. 

John was correct. At the time of Jesus’ earth-walk, no man saw God in Jesus, nor had they ever known Father God as Spirit, in themselves or in others. Now we do. We see Father God in all people and in all creation. The veil is gone, and we can now see clearly. 

So, as our Creator is Holy and is Spirit, Jesus was Holy and was Spirit and you are Holy Spirit – all one with many manifestations of Spirit. 

Once again, there is a Divine Law here that states, “Each seed reproduces after its own kind.” (Genesis 1:11) Therefore, it is with Father God. “It is He that hath made us and not we ourselves.” (Psalm 100:3) 

The title, “God”, carries the essence of power, strength and goodness with it. Likewise, out from the Divine and eternal realm of all strength and goodness comes forth all the world and the universe. In addition, all the inhabitants of the earth, the stars, the planets, and the suns in the heavens. The word ‘good’ when spoke of someone or something, implies that person or thing has the qualities required to serve in that particular role. No other false god, which man has ever worshiped or sought to appease, has the qualities of the one true God our Father Creator. Every “Christian” religion worships their version of God, and all other religions worship their version of a different god, including Islam, Buddhism, Catholicism. According to some estimates, there are over 4,200 religions in the world as of 2018 and each one has a different version of who they think the Creator of the earth is. 

Every living creature, everything that grows…all that we call alive, everything that we see comes from the same source…the one Spirit of Life. It is this Spirit, which flows through all life, which formed all life, and animates all life. The problem with man is, they seek to know Father as a flesh and blood being, and not in Spirit or in Truth. They also allow man whose breath is in their nostrils (sense realm understanding) to tell them who and what the Creator of the universe is. 

The book of Job in the Old Testament says this, “The Spirit of God made me, and the breath of the Almighty has given me life.” (Job 33:4) We existed before our bodies were formed, in and as this Spirit of Life. 

Again, the book of Job tells us, “…When the foundations of the earth were laid, and the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.” Job 38:7

Why does this One Life form take so many varied formations? Because there are so many facets, so many characteristics of this One Life. Through these varied formations, IT describes itself. IT expresses itself. 
If everyone would use their spiritual eyes to see and listen to the Voice of their Holy Spirit to understand, all people would learn to see God everywhere they look. We all would see goodness and purity, wholeness and immutable order, perpetual perfection everywhere we look. For all things testify of and declare Father our Creator. 

Scripture states: God is with thee… God is not a sense realm man that would lie… God is already all things, for which we call upon him.. ….God is jealous over you… God is always a merciful God… God is in you… God is the God of all people, and the Lord of lords, a great God, and goes before you… God is always in and with you and goes with you wherever you are… The eternal God is our refuge, and underneath you are the Everlasting Arms… The Lord your God is with you wherever you go… The living God is in you… Every place in Scripture where we read the words, “Jesus is,” it was speaking of Father God’s character and Divine Nature Activity in Jesus, as well as in us. 

Likewise, all the character and nature of our Father is in all people. The only thing that is needed is for us to “let” Father’s character and nature be active in us.  

In the New Testament, Paul writes, “For the invisible things of Him, from the creation of the world, are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made…” (Romans 1:20) 

David, the King and poet penned these words, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters speech, and night unto night shows knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where Father’s Holy Voice is not heard in and from them. Their words have gone out to the end of the world.” (Psalm 19:1)

These men realized they were not just looking at things created by God, but at God Himself…declaring and describing Himself for the entire world to know Him and to enjoy Him. 

When the aged Patriarch, Job was searching for the knowledge and wisdom of God, he declared, “Ask now the beast of the field, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air and they shall tell thee. Or speak to the earth and it shall teach thee; and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee.” It was no mystery to these men that creation was birthed to manifest, declare and describe its Creator. Why do we not start asking creation to reveal its true nature? I believe we can speak to all creation and say, “Spring up Holy Spirit, from within you, and show forth your glory.” We can do that to man, the animals, the fish, the oceans, the rivers and streams, the elements, the atmosphere and all creation. 

From the Mind and heart of the Eternal One, there is one grand and glorious, uninterrupted, unchangeable, perpetual, constant perfection…for He is perfect that formed it. IT is the One Spirit of Life that breathes and flows throughout it all. This is the fullness of Father God. This is the image and likeness, from which we have all come. 

There is One God, one source of Life and there is One manifestation of the fullness of that Life in all things and It is also called Son…the visible expression of the invisible God. The Apostle Paul wrote of Jesus in Colossians 1:15, “He, Jesus, was the likeness and representation of Father Creator Spirit, who was slowed down to visibility. He was the first who was fully awakened in the period in which he was born, being fully energized and vitalized with Life, to reveal Life to, and revive Life in, the whole race of mankind.” RERichmond Tree of Life Bible®

Just as this was said of Jesus, likewise, it can be said of all of us!

We are not talking about a singular person here, but the total of all, as One. Jesus himself declared this in his prayer written throughout chapter 17 of the book of John – I call John 17 the Lord’s Prayer – Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer. He prayed that we would all experience our oneness with Father as he did. 

Father sees only Himself in creation…a complete and perfect expression of Himself. 

This picture of creation, as God created it and as God sees it, is in direct contrast to the story we have been taught and have lived under for over 6,000 painful years. It is time that we let go of that story. We must no longer see ourselves either as worthy or unworthy. The whole question of worthiness is not an issue at all. We are just what we are: the object of Divine Love, and the expression of Divine Love. Father described Himself to Moses as, “I am that I am.” We are the expression of the One Eternal Life. We are one with all that is. We must let go of the version of a God, whose favor we need to earn. We must let go of a remote place called heaven, of which we also need to earn the right to enter. For the kingdom of heaven is, and always has been, within us. We must feel and express love and know and realize that we are loved. The Mosaic Law, with all its rules and punishments for transgressions is dead! (Hebrews 8, 9 and 10) It was always dead, and it always produced death.

When we enter the conscious space of Holy Spirit, when we allow Holy Spirit to live ITs Life as us, and when we allow our true nature to be our nature, then all the rules are automatically fulfilled just by loving and being loved. It is then, that we live Life naturally, with no effort. Our subconscious is then cleansed of all that hinders, and our true Mind (Holy Spirit) is the driving force of our conscious awareness (thought, intellect and emotions). 

*Conscious awareness describes a mental state of being truly aware of the events and situations in one's life. *Minimal consciousness is the lowest, where your mind is vaguely aware of something but is not truly focused on it. *Perceptual consciousness is the mind's ability to be aware of your body and your environment.


Some people say there are five levels of Consciousness:
1.    Waking consciousness: anything from daydreaming to intense concentration.
2.    Preconscious: knowledge and memories present but not being used. Example: You know when your birthday is.
3.    Subconscious: below conscious awareness. Example: Sleeping, daydreaming and imagination. When you have a desire that comes from a part of your mind you cannot control, this is an example of something that would be described as a subconscious desire.
4.    Unconscious: It stores memories, of which you are unaware.
5.    Altered states: Drugs, hypnosis, dreaming.

The subconscious mind is like a big memory bank that stores your beliefs, memories and life experiences. The information that is stored in your subconscious mind always affects your behavior and actions in different situations. I do believe our conscious awareness needs to be renewed. However, I also believe it is our Subconscious that contains the information, which hinders us. We need to lean to our Holy Spirit to cleanse our Subconscious of all wrong thoughts, behaviors and beliefs. 

Have you ever been driving your car, and at one point in your journey, you lose awareness of several miles you have been driving, and then all of a sudden you become aware again and you think, “How did I get here, with no knowledge of those last few miles”? I have several times and I believe that for some reason I disconnected from my “waking conscious” and entered my subconscious. My subconscious took over my driving without me ever being aware of my surroundings. So, yes, our conscious awareness needs to be renewed; but the information in our subconsciousness is the place where the Apostle Paul spoke of, as having “sin in my members”. If we can get our subconscious renewed, then our conscious awareness will follow suit. Renewing our subconscious is to rewrite the information in our brain. 

Romans 7:15-25 When I try to follow the “do to be” laws; those righteousness acts of the law, which I seek to do, I cannot perform. Those things, which I detest, I do even more because the “do to be” law always ends in failure, since they are dead works. I already am who I am trying to become by these futile efforts of obeying the law. Yet I wrongly still work to become who I be. 
I’m still consciously following the dictates of the subconscious, which needs to be REWRITTEN, trying to be right-wise in all my doings and obeying the dictates of it as a force, when it is not. 

I consent by my actions that I believe doing work is the way to be righteous, but it’s not. I also consent by following its dictates and its lower realm desires.  

Now, I know that being carnally mindful does not originate from my Spirit awareness or even from my conscious awareness. It comes from my subconscious that is filled with the wrong information. This realm below conscious awareness causes one to continually live in a carnally infected state. It seeks dominion over us. 

Now that I know the truth, I find that it is not the real me. It is not my true Mind that tries to accomplish righteousness on my own, nor does it dictate my desires and beliefs. It is that false feeling of not being right with Father God. It desires those things, which I do not desire. That is the lie, which remains in my subconscious. 

I know that any inclination to follow the dictates of the unrenewed subconscious is the part of me that hinders. It does not produce any good thing. 

The ability and will to live as Spirit is a power within me, but since I continue to live with an unrenewed subconscious, I cannot always follow through with my good intentions. 

The source of any good works I did, when done based on efforts trying to be righteous in all my ways, never produced anything good. It always failed. 

The repetitive worthless acts I performed to produce righteousness, which I continued to do, were driven by my strong sense of worthlessness. That was the result of failure to succeed at the “do to be” laws and not leaning to my Holy Spirit for truth. It is insanity.    
If I do things that do not represent my true nature and character, it is not my true self that does them. It is a strong memory of a life time of memories and imaginations and repetitive worthless acts, which are the dictates of an unrenewed subconscious, that continues to drive my conscious awareness. Those dictates are “anti” or against my Spirit of Life. 

My Holy Spirit is to supply all that is eternally mine.  I have become fully aware that the acts of following old memories and imaginations, which includes ill thoughts of myself and of what others have spoken over me are worthless efforts to achieve the things I already possess, and they continue to try and prevail in me, UNTIL I fully become mindful of the things of the Spirit.  
BUT NOW, since the Voice of my Holy Spirit (God) has revealed what IT has to me, I am well satisfied with the law